Monday, March 2, 2015


Dearest Mother,

Elders Clarke & Nunez
Thank you so, so much for your testimony. I appreciate it so much. You are a wonder-woman! And I love you so much. Thank you for always helping me feel the love of the Savior and remembering Him. You live your life so centered on Jesus Christ and it's so admirable! Never change!!! 

I hope more than anything that people can feel God's love. That hurts me a bit..when others can't feel God's love. I know that God is more loving, just and merciful than I am and I'm glad it's in His hands. All I want in my life is to be able to develop a great love for others, the love of Christ; charity. It's so important. I feel like many missionaries don't feel that and it bugs me. I'm so grateful for the Doctrine of Christ; I know that it changes people. It leaves people thinking...meditating. I hope to be able to share more of that with all the family. 

I've been studying VERY profoundly the Atonement this week...and it's amazing the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I don't know what will happen in the future, but have the complete confidence and assurity that I will be claimed by His merciful grace if I keep repenting and giving ALL that I have. I have a TON to improve still. I hope to be a missionary the rest of my life, and will; I'm making the decision now! 

It's a beautiful, joyful time in the mission. President Douglas came for a training with our zone and we also had Stake Conference in which he spoke. His talk was so incredibly powerful; it's absolutely amazing. That man is going to be an apostle someday. He always shares with us his great desire to see the face of Jesus in the flesh, and just has the most powerful testimony of anyone I've ever heard! His life is so centered and focused on the Doctrine of Christ, and really changes people. 

Here are some pictures with Fermin and his family! We did a service at his house one morning helping him cook in his restaurant, and he taught me how to make some Peruvian dishes. I'll make it for you back home! Haha. He's super awesome, and his family. Those are his two kids. 

I'm giving everything I've got, Mamá! I'm trying to do my very best. We're finding lots of people, bringing them to church and teaching very well the doctrine, but they're just not wanting to accept it. But we are changing little by little the lives of Fermín's family and the family Navarro as well. We have many great blessings!

I'll pray lots for Scotty, Katie, Adam, Steve, and the rest of the family! I'm doing just fine here, experiencing trials but I know and testify that the Lord strengthens me every day, so there's no problem. I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost; it's played a fundamental part in my life. I know this is God's work and that it WILL go forward, despite all opposition! I know He has all power! Thank you Mother Dear for everything you do, I love you so! Have the best week ever!!!

With sincere love,

Elder Clarke

Have the best day ever! 

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