Monday, January 12, 2015

The Lord Requires Exact Obedience

Dear Family of Mine!

Buenos días!! I am so thankful to receive your emails, your faith and support every week. Thank you for praying for me and being such great examples as parents, I love you both. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER DEAR!!!!! I truly hope you had the best day ever, and that you had peace. Truly, I feel SOOO happy seeing that picture of my family by your birthday cake, we have such a beautiful and wonderful family, and I love you all more than you know. Love is such a strong power. I have had many experiences this week and last week just expressing to our investigators that we are leaving them these commitments to pray, read the Book of Mormon and go to church and be baptized because we truly love them and want what's best for them. I have never felt the Spirit testify through me stronger than those moments, and I know with all of my heart that God loves His children and wants them to feel His love. I know that He requires us to live His law, because He is Holy, and when we do we will be sanctified by His Holy Spirit and feel His love. I have never seen people change so much as they have felt this love of God. I think Charity is one of my favorite parts of Missionary Work. We do not do this work for any other reason, nor does God do it for any other reason, except for that He loves His children and wants them to be saved, and we should too. There are some investigator families and incomplete member families here in our ward that have been old investigators and haven't progressed, and one family in particular who are super, super awesome, we are teaching. The father is named Fermin and has been very religious in another religion and has tons of questions about the Book of Mormon, but is very sincere and kind. We testified so strongly of God's love for him and showed him that love by calmly reading the Book of Mormon with him and helping him see how it testifies of Jesus Christ (especially 1 Nephi 10), and answering his questions. He is now progressing and hopefully will be willing to be baptized, but we have seen a great change in him and I am grateful. Also the same way in another case, where the father didn't want to change or be baptized, and we explained Moroni 8 to him to help him more fully understand what a covenant is, and testified of it with great love, and he has actually committed to being baptized with a specific date. Last night we also found this young father, who works alone in an apartment building, and his wife and 1 year old kid are currently in the jungle, and he expressed to us how much he misses them and feels alone. It was amazing how we could relate that to the love that Heavenly Father has for him and how that comes from the gospel, and he felt so much love, and also committed to baptism. I am so eternally grateful to testify boldly to people of God's love and of His true doctrine. I am so excited to come to know more fully the character of God. I love this scripture, D&C 41:5 ´´el que recibe me ley, y la guarda, tal es mi discípulo´´. Also as seccion 93 teaches us, we cannot receive any more to experience His glory if we are not obedient in everything that we have received. The Savior taught us by the example, that it is received ´´grace upon grace.´´ I am so thankful to have this sacred calling from God, to preach with power and authority from God, to help all come unto Him and be saved. This is the same calling that the sons of Mosíah received, and I will ever strive to magnify it with all diligence. This is my life-long calling, to testify of Christ in all things, and all places, and to apply the Doctrine to their needs with great charity.

Keep the faith, and stay strong! If you are not exactly obedient in all things you will not receive more of the Spirit. Be prepared in all times, in all things, and in all places to help those around you with that Spirit you receive. Obey to share Christ's light with others, and do it because you love the light and truth, and love Him. I love you all so much!!! Have the best day ever!!! 


Elder Clarke

PS: the floor is going to look so great, I'm so excited!!!!!

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