Monday, January 26, 2015

Miracles of Service

I hope you love this picture with all of your heart, might, mind, and soul. In the container is a cake that Elder McDonald made for me last night. He is such a wonderful companion, he cooks for me every single day!!! Lunch and dinner. He is awesome. Anyways, this is a cake that is made in the microwave. The ingredients include a couple spoons of flour, a couple of sugar, a couple of chocolate powder, one egg, a bit of milk, a bit of vanilla, a bit of vegetable oil, and you stir it all together, and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. It's AWESOME. I highly advise to all of my siblings to try this experiment, it's got my guarantee. I'm so going to do it when I get home too. You'll also be getting some more pictures shortly from Alicia or Luis Perez, who are our pensionists on weekends. They made cui for us (hamster), that they had grown at home! Super chicken. They have a beautiful view from their house.
 This week has been absolutely wonderful. We have found lots of escogidos, and we have accomplished our goals in almost every indicator, working hard and seeing God's grace and miracles, builds my faith, and with many goals we have exceeded greatly! The greatest miracle was that with much effort from committing many members (about 8) we had a grand total of 15 investigators in the chapel, and there were still like 5 plans that fell through. We're helping some good families to get married, and we've put two more firm baptismal dates, having daily contact with them and truly helping them experience repentance. We feel an exceedingly great joy in our labors in Ayacucho, every day is the best day ever! I know the Spirit has been guiding us on many occasions. I'll tell of one experience. 

On Thursday, we didn't have a service planned, and didn't really know what to do. Well, we got dressed and went out to get some copies of some papers for the Area Book, and saw they were moving their Librería store and asked if we could help. They asked us desperately if we would, and we dropped everything there and helped them the rest of the morning. We really felt a great Spirit giving service because they had a great need and were very grateful. They needed to get everything moved out by Sunday because of the monthly rent and would have had to do it all day Sunday, but we helped them get it done faster. They graciously accepted our invitation to visit them, and the next day we taught the whole family and other friends as well. On Sunday, they came to church and had a spiritual experience, and we have a family night planned with them tonight with a good member family. My heart is grateful to God and His goodness for memorable experiences such as this!

We were not able to reach our January baptism goal because the 2 investigators with fecha who were progressing we had planned went to Lima for a month for medical problems. We have almost reached our goal for Rescatados, just need to more who we have planned for this week, and we have everything planned well for next month's goals.

An investigator with baptismal date, named Brayann, turns 20 years old this Saturday, came searching for us to ask to be baptized. He's wonderful and having a real experience with repentance. We minister to him daily! And we go running together with him in the mornings at 6am. Hopefully I'll get more in shape, ha. Fermín's doing well...his whole family is going to church devotedly...but it's a little difficult for him to get married, please pray without ceasing for them that they can have the desire to be married. We fasted for them this week for that cause while we did the service, and we've been teaching so many lessons (like over 30) that we get back home every night exhausted. Keeping everything nice and organized in our huge room and Area Book too. Ayacucho is the promised land. The ward is so strong, the members help out so much, and God is preparing so many people! I could not praise God enough, or give Him enough thanks, for we see miracles daily. Literally, every day. Expect miracles. I know that God works miracles in our lives because of our faith, and that ''if the power and gifts of God shall be done away among you, it shall be because of unbelief.'' 

Sundays are my absolute favorite days in the mission because I am completely focused on others and forget myself totally. Always telling investigators to come over here for their class, to meet members, explaining what is happening and ministering and teaching to their needs by the Spirit, and helping everyone else to have a spiritual experience...really, I am filled with the Spirit and a great joy and peace. It is beautiful. I have a strong testimony of Service, that it is the way to happiness. The thing that makes me most happy and is delightable to focus on is the specific needs of each person, to help them increase their faith, hope and charity and understand God's will and to help them feel the Spirit, and God's eternal love. That's all I need in my life to come; opportunities to serve. That's my only desire. I never need focus on seeking my own will or accomplishments but to help others, and He will make me into something greater than what I would. I love my God with all my soul, and am completely positive that He exists, and loves us, and that His commandments are true. Of these things I testify in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.


Elder Clarke

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