Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pictures Mama!

Elders Clarke & Rivas
I already sent you some of these pictures from the p-day activity, right? If I already sent them, I'm sorry! I'm losing my mind!! Anyways...I'm not taking any more pictures than that. Haha. I'm so sorry-! How is everybody doing?? Man..I am worrying so much about Grandpa, it makes me cry every time I think about it. I want to see him again before he passes away. Is he doing fine now? Please pray for him, and all of our family, and for the missionaries! It is hard being a missionary, I was kind of spiritually drained this last week because of so many things going on, and I've been living on a prayer. Haha. It's really hard when my time is so short and we're not having tons of success in the zone and there's so much to do as a zone leader...but I am trying so dearly hard to stay strong!!! Tomorrow is the leadership council and hopefully I'll fill myself up spiritually tomorrow. It's hard staying focused! I'm stressing about the life after the mission...because I know it's gonna be so much harder!! But...I'm excited. I also sent you a package this past week...sorry it's the last opportunity to send something! It's something for each member of the family, really cool. haha I hope you like, take a picture together with them and send it to me! :) I hope it gets to you, pray for that too! Anyways, have the best day ever. I'll write more next week!


Elder Clarke

Our zone on our last transfer day.

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