Tuesday, December 16, 2014

He is the Gift

Dearest Family,

Merry Christmas to you all! I was so happy to see your lovely photos at temple square and to know that you are loving the Christmas season!! :) You are the best family ever, and I pray frequently that you remember and feel how much I love you all. This past week I have felt strongly the love of God for others..and have been reminded of the importance of Charity. ´´If you have not charity, you are nothing!´´ I know that this is true, Charity is greatest above all things, and never endeth. I have been reflecting on past experiences in my mission and can testify that the experiences I remember most are the times when I am showing true Charity to others and losing myself in true service as a true disciple of Christ, instead of losing myself worrying about things I can't control. I know that when we feel Charity, we are purified, even as Christ is pure. Unless we have Charity we cannot be fully sanctified of our sins by the Holy Ghost. Like President Douglas tells us every week, we must give 100%, give all of ourselves to the Lord in His service, and we do so with true faith, hope, Charity and meekness and humbleness of heart. That will be my gift to the Lord this Christmas, and will also be the gift I receive from Him this Christmas. I love the Lord with all my heart, and his righteousness. I love the Spirit that God sends to us daily - I am so grateful for the Divine Plan. It is a plan of happiness; I know that He is the Prince of Peace. I invite us all to focus one hundred percent on Jesus Christ and His infinite sacrifice for us this Christmas, and make great use of that Gift in our personal life and in the lives of others. Unless we reach the understanding of those around us, we will not be able to express them Christ's love. Let us all bear each other's burdens this year, comfort those who are in need of comfort, and bless those who are in need. 

This past weekend RubĂ­ was baptized and confirmed! I will send a picture. She was a golden referral of an awesome member here in the ward, and it was such an amazing experience to see how much she changed and humbled herself before God to feel His accepting grace. Yesterday just before sacrament meeting, I was asked to give a talk to replace someone who didn't show up, and it was kind of a surprise, but I was so grateful because I'm certain that God poured His Spirit through me to bless all of the ward. It was a great spiritual experience and I know that God loves us greatly. I love the Chincha ward so much!!! 

We can do a skype call either the 22, 23, or 25 I believe, at whatever time we would like. Just tell me when you would like to do it. Might be good Christmas morning like 10 am...or afternoon. I'm down for anything! I'll create a skype account and we'll figure out how to do it. We only have 40 minutes in total. And YES I received the two packages! One with lots of toys for the Molina family, thank you SOO so much!!!° They are going to be so incredibly happy...and also the one with the chocolates and letters! Mother Dearest, thank you sooo so much for sending such good things to give to people here. You are my hero, thank you for being so thoughtful, generous, and charitable. I want to be like you someday! Honestly, thank you. I love you!!! I am going to share all of the chocolates with the peruvian saints here!! :) 

I hope you have such a wonderful week, I love you!!!!


Elder Clarke

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