Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hello Mother Dear!

How are you doing?! I hope you're having the best day ever!!! :) I got transferred to Ayacucho, the Garcilazo Ward as a Trainer and my new companion is Elder McDonald from North Carolina!! I am so happy and excited, these are going to be the best cambios of my whole mission!! :) I am sending you a picture here of us in our new room pointing to an Ayacucho picture. There's also two more of Christmas decorations in the bus service place - one is of the traditional Peruvian nativity scenes that everybody always has up here, they're classic! And another one of the typical kind of Christmas trees they have up, they're crazy!

Here's the one of my companion and I. Elder McDonald is a super good missionary, I'm really excited!!! He's a go-getter. He's already had one transfer of his training, and I'm just going to finish the last half of it. Here's another really cool picture of the snowy mountains up here on the way up! It was a little over 11 hour drive, and we left yesterday, Sunday at 9:30 pm! Coolest bus ride of my life. Haha.

Anyway, apparently here in this Garcilazo ward there used to be 2 companionships of missionaries, and they just took out the Sisters here because there wasn't a whole lot of support from the ward - it's kinda struggling. Elder Mickelsen told me that's why President sent me here, to light up this ward with fire!! Haha, or in other words, just get it back up and running well. I am so super excited, this is such an amazing opportunity to consagrate myself 100% now in the last transfers of my mission, I am going to work SOOOOO hard!!! I'm super pumped right now. Hopefully we'll get the numbers up and good, baptize families, get the ward council working well again, and get another companionship of Hermanas back in here by the time I leave. I was pondering, praying, writing and reading last night and felt the peaceful assurance of the Spirit of the Lord confirm that I am here to help this ward, and I know there are people waiting for me, needing someone to show Christ-like love and follow-up diligently on their commitments to live the gospel and commandments. I need lots of help from the Lord, keep praying! You are such a wonderful Mother, and I love you a lot. It was so good to see you all on Skype, and thank you so much for the temple bag!! It will be put to good use. Tell all of the family I love them and that I'm coming like a train. Ayacucho is really so beautiful up here! It looks like the canyons of Utah...just a little different, without as many tall pine trees, and a little big more Peruvian with the house styles and the llamas, and alpacas. So sweet. Hopefully I'll be sending even more cool pictures soon! 

Here's a picture of my pensionista abuelita and I, stirring the big pot!! This is how Peruvians cook with leña, or like with a wood fire. HUGE pots, full of spices and flavors that burn for hours, and make tons of food for everyone! Always with these huge spoons - looks like a witch with her pot. Haha. This little lady is the greatest Peruvian old lady ever. We're definitely coming back to her house to eat food, and possibly stay the night. 

The other picture is of the Molina family - they all came to Soyuz, the bus station to see me off when I departed Chincha. Right during their lunch hour, which is sacred for Peruvians! It was a big sacrifice, they gave me presents, and they love us missionaries so much. They were sad but are looking forward to getting sealed next year! They're wonderful, and they loved the presents SO much. All of the kids were so happy, and they were grateful. I saved the last jar of Nutella that you send a while ago and gave it to the Mom, Miluska. She has such a Christ-like love. It was difficult saying good bye to Chincha. But there are even more good things ahead lying in store. Miracles are going to happen here in Ayacucho, I'm certain of it! We're going to fast like no tomorrow. 

Anyways, that's all I'm going to write today and send, I hope it's okay. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOON!!! I'm going to make cards for you, Dad, and Grandpa, but it probably won't come in time. But anyway, I hope you are all doing good and have the best New Year ever. I'm excited to see the fireworks up here in Ayacucho, it's gonna be awesome! Tell hi to everyone for me, les mando saludos!!! :)

Much Love,
Elder Clarke

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