Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dearest Mother!!!

Dear Mother and all of the Family!!

I cannot express to you my joy!! It has been a wonderful week, especially the last companionship inventory with Elder Valencia - after such a long time being his companion, there was a reason, for me to learn this one lesson -- that it's  not that we are obligated to keep every commandment perfectly, but that we all have our agency and must keep them with the intention to receive some blessing from God, and to show Him our love for Him. There shouldn't be any other reason to be obedient! Anyways, Elder Valencia finished strong and we'll always be friends. He's a super good guy! 

I could not be more excited to work as hard as we can this transfer with Elder Rivas, un HondureƱo!!! :) ALL of the missionaries (except for one) from Honduras here in the mission are the kindest, most sincere, respectful and loving people I have ever met. They are just different from the rest, their Spirit about them, I can't explain it. Elder Rivas is such a great missionary, and reminds me a lot of Elder Fiallos when I was in the office. Anyways, we're going to work hard! There are also 6 companionships in our zone who are in training - 5 of which are newbies from the MTC! and 4 of those trainers have 4 or less transfers in the mission! It is incredible how young our zone is....just the zone leaders, 2 district leaders, and the rest are so new. Haha. I love being zone leader because it's like we're training everyone in so many intercambios we have - service is a blessing! Just like a phrase a friend taught me that is always in my head ´´Oh how praying rests the weary´´...service also rests our Spirits, purifies us, and enables us to do more than our natural capacity.

Yesterday we went to an appointment, they were not home...immediately Elder Rivas saw an old little serrano lady digging a whole on the hard dirt with a shovel and told me we needed to go help her. It brought the Spirit so strongly into our companionship as I followed and so naturally he started to work and serve and talk about the gospel at the same time with her, her brother, and neighbor. I know that every effort we make towards doing good and trying to do God's will will not be lost - the Spirit is a great recompense.

Every day is the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all and pray for you!


Elder Clarke

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