Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 8, 2014

Dearest Mother!!!!

I am sooo, so very sorry you haven't received an email from me until now! Yesterday, there was no internet in all of the city of Chincha....all day long; we were waiting since 10am until like 5pm - it's incredible!!! Haha, pretty funny actually. But I hope you can feel my love! I love soo so so much reading the emails you and Dad send - you are both INCREDIBLE people, and I love you both, and admire and apprecite you in ways you would never imagine. The Spirit is passed from the Lord, to missionaries, to families, to the missionareis, and vice- versa and it is a wonderful experience that lasts 2 years. THank you for inspiring me weekly. I know that you're praying for me because I can feel it, and see it. 

I totally got a package from you in the mail yesterday!!!! Ooohhhh,...I was SO happy to receive it! I was so shocked and surprised, but happy!! Thank you SO much for sending all those goodies and the letters. I'll have to be honest with you, things have been so busy since Monday that I haven't even had time to read the letters yet; all this work as a zone leader is a lot!!! I am seriously working so hard - until my head hits the pillow, dead tired, but with incredible excitement constantly. You should have seen our district and zone meeting this morning. We're going to rise a lot here in the Chincha zone, I'm so excited. But I did skim through some of the letters written by some ward parents!? I will have to say I got pretty emotional opening up one and seeing Thomas Karlinsey's family - I don't know why, that man has just had a big impact on me, and even now I get emotional. I'm so grateful for all those who have helped form me into the person I am today. I'll have to read all those letters later on!

We had cambios, and I'm with a new zone leader training him. Elder Valencia!!!! Who was my companion in the office!! We're companions again, and I'm sooo excited. :) He's a great missionary! It's his last cambio, but we are going to work our tails off. Next week are interviews with I'm excited about that. Anyways, I've got to be going now, we've got a lot of work to do. Love you so much Mom!!!! Never forget it. Never forget that the Lord's work will go forth like a rock cut out of the mountain, rolling with great velocity and shall not stop until it covers the world. He loves us and guides us with His Spirit, if we have faith in His name. I'm sorry I didn't send pictures but I will send lots next week! By the way I'm learning to cook traditional peruvian plates here and it's so fun, with great member families here. Also we have a new pensionista who is so super loving and kind, like none other before, cooks really well and gives us lots to eat. It's the best day ever!! Loves and hugs!!!!!


Elder Clarke

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