Monday, October 27, 2014


Dear Family,

I love you all more than you know!!! I am so, so grateful to receive your emails and hear about you all. Thank you so much Mom and Dad, I have the best family in the whole world. You have no idea how much my love has grown for all of you! I am truly sorry for not writing much last week- I will always make it a priority to write you before anybody else, because it is the sincere desire of my heart - I want to constantly let you know of my appreciation for your prayers, love, and support. There is no price or anything that compares, and I will cherish this great blessing the Lord has given me forever, and always remember these blessed days of my service to Him with such great support from my family.

Dearest family, I beg of you with tears running down my face...if there was ever a time I needed your daily, long, powerful prayers and fasts, I ask you with all of my heart that you pray with all of your might, and all of your soul this week for the families I'm teaching. This Saturday is the ward temple trip of the Barrio Chincha, and...(I can't believe how greatly the Lord has wrought the Spirit in me to change my will), I have never in my life felt a stronger desire, from the deepest part of my heart, that the desire I have for my recent converts and rescued members to go to the temple this week. There is absolutely nothing more I desire in all of the rest of my mission - this is the most important thing to me, I KNOW it is what the Lord wants. I cannot tell you how hard I have worked this week.........far harder than I think I've ever worked before my mission, despite all of the work and studies and schedule I always had going on, you all remember well. I have never worked so hard this week, with such great faith, incredible amount of patience, and true love to help these people understand all they must do, all that will happen this Saturday when they go to the temple. Think of how great of a change it is in their lives - I don't know if you can understand what life is really like down here, the great differences from our world in Utah. It's Perù. It is a huge sacrifice for them, I have felt it in every aspect, a huge sacrifice they must make to get to the temple, to work with the members to make it happen. I continue fasting even today, right now, that they won't have any problems with work or any other problem that could happen. It is such a great blessing, all these opportunities for them to go to the temple now, and I am 100% trusting in the Lord, I KNOW that if we show Him an incredible amount of faith, acting in all diligence, He will give us the greatest desires of our hearts. I know that this week He will work with great power among the children of men. These converts are fasting and praying this week...because there are great trials, but the desires and dedication are there, and more than anything in my whole life right now I want them to experience the Holy Spirit of the Lord in the House of the Lord. Holiness be unto the Lord!!! I beg of you, more than I've ever needed before....Please, pray for them. Every single day. Pray that Ivan won't have to work Saturday, and that he can get it all done during the days of the week, and that they'll have enough money to get to the church to meet up. Pray that Miluska will get work off just fine, and that Hernàn will be okay on the hour or two of sleep he'll be getting Friday night to make this trip. Pray that their children will read their scriptures this week so that they'll also be permitted to go and see the temple grounds of the temple, and feel a loving protection of the Spirit. Pray that Ronald and Jaime, Junior and July will also make it just fine. There are 10 recent converts and 2 less-active rescued members with plans to go - and it is very difficult for the members comprension and ability to help them with all their needs to make the trip just fine - but it will be worth it - it will be one of the greatest experiences of their life. Please feel the great significance this makes for them, and how much it pleases the Lord, to act with all faith and diligence to achieving the desires of our heart, to do His will to keep His commandments. The rule is that when we're in the south, we can't travel to go to the temple with them, but tomorrow is the Leadership Council and I am going to ask President Douglas with all of my heart permission to go and accompany them. Nothing would mean more to me in my whole mission. I have great faith and know that even if it's not possible, the Lord will be pleased with me. I delight in His powerful Spirit that He helps me feel when I am about His duties, serving in His way.

I love you so much family, thank you for all of your love. Please have the best week ever!!!

Sincerely with Great love,

Elder Clarke

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