Monday, September 29, 2014

Love you!!!

Hi Mother Dear!!! :)

How are you doing? I am going to write you while my pictures are loading. Congratulations on reaching your goal to read all the Conference Talks from April!!! You are an incredible example, I cannot believe all of the things you do! Thank you for being a TRUE disciple of Christ, and for TRULY living the gospel; you can tell because you understand the need to act a great many things, and after the act of our faith receive God's holy power. I was reading today in 2 Nephi 6-8, and I LOVE those words of Isaiah!! It is powerful - it all has to do with the House of Israel needing to apply the Atonement; notice how they don't just ask God to save them, but they try to clothe themselves with His power to do His will and free themselves! Anyways, these are fun pictures from painting! I'm really good at painting nowadays!!!  

We did this service with a few other elders, one who is in this picture is named Elder Willard who is also from American Fork - he lives over by Utah Lake màs o menos, and I didn't really know him before the mission! He just graduated this year, and I feel like I recognized his face from before. Anyways, he's a good guy, and he said he knew Katie. 

These are some pictures of the Molina Family - I love them so much!!! They are so converted....the whole family, the parents are so strong together and individually!! It is the greatest joy I've felt thus far in my mission than to help them as converts. Their example inspires ME every time we go to visit them, and makes ME want to be better.  

Mom guess what!! I tried last week to send a whole bunch of letters, to the whole family and a birthday card for Adam, and the international postal service in Peru is on strike!!! Seriously...who knows how long it will last. But I'll try to send the letters through the same lady that I send packages, and she'll send it to you! I'm so glad that Adam is happy and doing well¨!!!! And Scotty as well. :) I LOVED that picture of all of my brothers and sister on the couch, they are all so beautiful and grown up it's amazing! 

This week I am learning how to cook!! Our dear abuelita pensionista who is the getting old, and sick, and it's become too much for her to cook for us - and we have no pension. But Elder Rolando knows how to cook latino-style and we're cooking for ourselves every day! It's great and makes me so happy!!!  

I am sorry that this is taking most of my time on the takes a really long time to upload and I may not have much time to write!! But know that I am doing well, happy, stressed and needing to be even more consagrated - that's my only desire in the mission right now until the end.

We are contacting a TON of families that walk together in the streets here in Chincha, and talk with tons of people. We're searching the less-actives to find more to baptize and rescue, and we're trying to work with the ward and stake leaders really well. Today we're going to Lima for the Leaders Council and will have a zone conference on wednesday, which will be really good and spiritual, and this saturday we will receive transfers. I think Elder Rolando will be leaving, but who knows! We'll see. Love you so much, Mother Dearest, have the best weeek ever!!!!  


Elder Clarke

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