Thursday, August 7, 2014


Dearest family!!

Wowww....I cannot believe that you are in Panama, parents!! You are crazy ;) Steve!!! Man. I love you all, you sent great pictures!!!! Keep telling me about your experiences - they are so inspiring and I love seeing your great example. Steve's a champ.:) He looks different!! His hair and head changed, he's much skinnier and older now! Haha anyways, give that baby a kiss for me! Un beso en la frente!!! ;) I'm so sorrry, I have 0 minutes now, but just know that the only thing you need, in MIssionary work and in life, is the Doctrine of Christ, clearer than mud. and applying it to our needs. I know that our Savior lives, loves us, and wants to heal and help us in all of our problems, but only if we live His doctrine.

Love you all so much!!! Have the best day ever!!!!


Elder Clarke

PS: We had miracles in our area this week, finding families putting baptismal dates!! Ahhh. Man. Please just pray that we can find families who are ready to live the gospel. Nada mas. Thanks!!!

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