Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Love the Lord Above All Things

Dear Family,

You are all in my nightly prayers and weekly as I write you I pray for your well-being in my heart. Know that I love you all, with a true love of Christ! As I completely consecrate myself into this work, I get tired as I face the afflictions and sacrifices of all kinds that come from missionary service, and as I put all of my confidence, hope, love in my Savior and act with real faith, the Spirit enlightens my mind, enlivens my soul and wakes up my muscles and gives me strength. In this sacred work, and in that precious process as I repent and live the gospel each day, I find an even greater and deeper love for the people each one of you are. I admire your character and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, your desires and good works. Never get discouraged, never fear, only believe.

I am truly sorry and ask your forgiveness that you did not receive an email from me yesterday. Yesterday was a long day of cambios, and today is our P-Day. All is going very well! I did not have a cambio but there were many in the Chincha zone that moved around. One of the most exciting of those is that Elder Arancibia has come to Chincha!! He will be finishing the mission this, his last change, as a trainer. I'm excited for him, and all of the opportunities the missionaries have in this time to serve.

I am always very joyful to hear how things are going back in American Fork. How good it is to know you are safe and happy. I will answer the 9 questions you have asked Mother! :
1) We have district meetings every Tuesday or Wednesday, and we always get the zone together for 20 min. or so afterwards to elevate even more their faith. We always have weekly focuses from President Douglas that are challenging and increase our faith, for which we are most grateful. I cherish the opportunities I have to speak and inspire the missionaries to have great faith, even unto that of the sons of Mosiah. The Spirit guides! We had a fun little activity last week going to some ancient ruins here...but I forgot to take pictures. We're the ones that should plan those p-day activities...but I don't always do such a great job. Haha. Today we're going to eat lunch as a zone in some buffet restaurant.
2) The culture of the Chincha town is to come down south, drink wine and be merry, and have parties dancing without much on! The people don't seem to care about much...and it's a been a trial for me to witness.  It's just kind of a Perù thing, too. But the people in our ward are very loving, and hard-working and capable. It's a great place in which I enjoy being. 
3) I do love Elder Rolando, he is a very good missionary. Very obedient and understanding and helpful.  
4) We did find a pensionista! The Relief Society Pres. and her husband, I won them over with persuasion and being kind and cheerful. I wash their dishes after we eat and she gives us a lot of food with lots of love, and it's actually very good, and healthy. Couldn't be better!
5) It is winter, and it's not really cold. A bit in the mornings, but I'm fine. I actually miss colder weather from Utah.
6) I have never sung a solo or any kind of musical number. That is not at all a part of Peruvian church culture. I've never seen it done in all of my time here in Perù. 
7) I do play the piano, but not every week without fail. There's another young man who tries to play in our ward. It's good practice for him.
8) I eat cereal every day for breakfast, and many days for dinner as well. I love it! I also eat apples and bananas, and always yogurt. And sometimes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 
9) My clothes are fine. I am trying to figure out ways to get rid of it all actually! I don't want anymore. 

I am having the best time ever here in Perù, for no other reason than that I am a full-time representative and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. The opportunities I have been given to sacrifice my will are precious, and difficult, but build my faith. I am most grateful, above anything else, for the relationship I have made with my Father in Heaven, and Jesus Christ, through the sacred Gift of the Holy Ghost. It is a relationship upon which I rely constantly, and strive to receive spiritual comfort and answers to my questions. It is my trusty guide, and is reliable. 

I love you all family. Please continue to deepen your understanding and comprehension of the Doctrine of Christ, applying it to your lives with specific questions, and find those questions with prayer and scripture study, and you will receive personal revelation. Have the best week ever!!!


Elder Clarke

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  1. This was fun to read and get a snapshot into a missionary's routine in Chincha :) my son arrived at the mission home yday & I haven't heard anything. It's been fun to follow this blog since February! Your son is amazing! I hope my elder Clark meets your elder Clarke!