Thursday, August 7, 2014

Be Christlike

(This is Elder Clarke's MOM--I just submitted 3 letters from Elder Clarke. Sorry for the delay--I got behind because I was at girl's camp and then Panama with my husband, touring our older son's mission).

Dearest Family,

I love you to death!! I am so happy and smiling with great joy, to see your pictures from Panama!! I'm so excited to hear all about it. :) I have a wonderful family and great parents!! What an inspiring looking man. I love you lots! Thanks for being Christlike, for being a missionary at heart, and for giving your all. I'm excited to share many experiences with you as well that I've had here in Perú. 

Elders Durfey & Clarke
My heart really goes out to Elder Durfey today. Wow, I really got sad when he left. He's a really great guy, and a missionary of excellence. I love that man!! We'll be good friends later on too - I'm grateful I got to be his companion. He teaches the Doctrine of Christ with such clarity and power - directly, with the Spirit piercing to the soul. I have felt like Alma and Amulek, preaching with power throughout the land of Chincha. We've been incredibly blessed by the Lord with all of the success we've been having! The Familia Molina is awesome - so humble and willing to live the gospel. They'll be baptized at the end of the month, as well as a few others. We have a couple of men with a baptism date who are married to less actives and they're progressing in the gospel, it is beautiful. Investigators only progress if they understand the gospel, if they understand the Doctrine. When we teach better, we see better results. Man, how I love to teach. There is no greater joy in my soul!! Preach and testify. There is no greater calling! 

I invite you all to memorize the words of Christ as he explained His Doctrine in the Book of Mormon. 3 Nephi 11:32-41, and 3 Nephi 27:13-22. There is nothing more precious to me in life. 

Elder Rolando is great! He understands english grammar very well writing sentences and reading, grammar and spelling is perfect. He just needs to practice more speaking and listening - we're going to practice a lot. He's from Quito, Ecuador, the mountain area, and comes from a great strong family in the gospel. He's a good, kind, obedient and hard-working missionary. I just need to help him be more direct in teaching and training the zone, and not be a push-over. We have work to do here and I don't want to mess around! We need to help the zone explode. Our ward is absolutely incredible. The bishop has so many Christlike attributes, love fills my heart every time I see him working so diligently and sincerely in the work. He's an older, tender man who is a 6 year convert...? Very humble and willing to do anything. The ward mission leader is named Mario, and he finished his mission 4-5 months ago and is doing a great job helping us. He served in Viña del Mar, Chile. There are a lot of great families who help us, and the members give tons of names! Referrals, and people to teach. It's such a beautiful experience to work here. 

Keep praying that we can find more families, and that the Chincha zone can increase their faith to reach the standards of excellence. I love you all so much! Please actually LIVE the gospel, INCREASE your faith, and REPENT. If you don't know what to repent of, or how, just pray with true intent until the Spirit tells you what to do. And just do it. I love you all, please have the best day ever.


Elder Clarke

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