Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father´s Day!

Dear Family,

I want you all to know that I love you!! I am grateful for you wonderful family. I pray for you and wish your success in all that you do - I know you are all being very blessed. Thank you for your support, for sending your prayers and love. It pleases me so much to hear of the fun family activities you are doing together. Like the Cheesecake Factory! Wow, I'm sure that was the best cake any of you kids have tried before. That's great that Scotty's doing Ivory Ridge tennis camp, that's amazing experience, and Adam in competition soccer as well. You are wonderful boys! Keep studying the scriptures every single day. Not so much to learn, but to exercise your faith in the promises of the Lord - you will be richly, greatly blessed if you read the Book of Mormon every day. Just trust in the Lord in that way. Katie is going to rock the ACT tomorrow!! I am excited for you, .. I just paused in my email and said a quick prayer for you, because you're probably doing it as I speak. I pray the Spirit will enlighten your mind to be able to reach your highest potential; the Holy Ghost quickens the mind, I can personally testify of that time and time again being here in the office as a missionary. Anyways, I hope you received a blessing before taking the test to give your very best. Hey, Happy Father's Day!!! Right??! I think it's tomorrow. I'm going to buy a nice card for Dad and send it to him today! Hopefully the mail will arrive in 24 hours. :) I really hope you have a nice day, and remember how much I love you. You mean a lot to me, I always remember the good example you've set for me!

Things are going well over here, Elder Groves is learning quickly. There's a lot of changes going on in the mission. I'm excited to just keep giving my VERY best every day, constantly trying to find the limit of my effort. Never stop giving! I've really come to appreciate scripture study this week, and can testify of its daily power. It is necessary here in Peru, or else the people get offended and inactivate from the church. If people don't have a personal relationship with God, they will struggle their whole life in the church and through life's trials, no matter how many friends they have. Also, I have had powerful experiences and can testify of the power of prayer; I know that it is real, that God is living, and that He hears every prayer. I know that He communicates with us according to our faith in Him. I testify that faith is real, it means trusting fully in God and His will. This life is NOT the time to fully comprehend everything in life, not even every reason or detail of the Plan of Salvation or the Gospel (although we have received the fullness in these latter days, all that we need), in this life we will not always understand why. That is NOT the purpose of this life. That is what God does, He understands ALL and is all-knowing. Our purpose in this life is to learn how to trust in Him, exercise our faith and bring about good works, always choosing the good before the evil, repenting, humbling ourselves, developing a character similar to that of Christ, and follow His example, ways, and Church until the End. I can promise that if we rely fully on the Holy Spirit in every decision we will not be led down a dangerous roads. The Spirit protects us, strengthens, comforts, and inspires to do good. 

I love you all, and invite you to make specific plans and goals to receive a greater portion of this Holy Spirit I speak of, and to follow- up rigorously on each and every plan, whether they be completed or not. If not, to repent, make more realistic plans and sub-plans to reach every little goal we put for ourselves. I promise that as you begin that short journey, you will find the Lord along the way, and encounter sacred experiences. I am very sorry to hear about the passing of Uncle Don. Do everything in your means to help comfort his family and show them your pure Christ-like love. Please send them mine, and let them know of my prayers for them. 

I'll send some more of the pictures that never arrived last week. I hope you have a wonderful week, the best one ever!! Be happy and I will write you letters! :)

Elder Clarke

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