Saturday, May 31, 2014


I am so so grateful for your email you just now sent to me. I've been waiting for it :) You are such a kind and incredible mother!! I will always remember you as a woman of great faith. Thank you for teaching me by your example how to selflessly love, how to be diligent and achieve your goals. It is really so inspiring and impressive all the work you have done in your masters degree, even with a quickly moving family and a job and church calling on the side!! This is a difficult little test the Lord is giving you to see if you are prepared for what He has in store for you, to see if you can receive it well and continue in your faith. Just do all you can and know how to do to focus on preparing yourself, being the most holy you can be, exactly obedient with Christ-like attributes, and if you lose yourself in your concentration on Dios you will be led by the Spirit to what your heart most desires and receive it. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is such a sacred thing we have in this life, it is here for our eternal benefit. God requires so much desire out of us to come closer to Him. I testify that He fulfills each and every promise that He ever gives. I realized this week how much power there is in those who study the scriptures so diligently and who delight their souls and minds in them. The Doctrine is so clear, so simple and direct - it is FILLED in the scriptrues, it covers the Book of Mormon. We need to understand it better than any other thing in this whole entire world, because it is the Plan of Salvation, it is our destiny. There are so many difficult decisions and challenges we have in this life, and if our minds are not always focused on the Doctrine at all times, in all situations and places, we will discover sorrow and will need to return to the pain with much pain, repent, and give up our past and increase an exceedingly greater amount of faith to persevere in the path and understand Him. The adversary understands so well the Doctrine, it is amazing. He just rejects it, and twists in his own false doctrines to confuse the children of men and bring them anguish and misery to their souls. It´s so simple to discern the good and evil, and we must be exceedingly bold in making each decision to stay as far away as possible from the his evil influence. We just finished watching the movie ´´The Testaments´´ together for P-day, and it´s so full of doctrine! Both Helam the father, the craftsman guy´s girlfriend, and Kohor the bad guy. It´s surprising how Kohor always throws back an answer so quickly that is filled with the wrong doctrine - he understands well his purpose. He tries to cover the eyes of faith from the children of men and leave them for themselves in the darkness. The purpose of our Heavenly Father and of this great missionary work is just the opposite, reaching out to all, ALL, to help them have faith in Jesus Christ, repent, and be saved. I could not be more thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. This week more than any, nothing has meant more to me in my life. Honestly, nothing else matters. I know it is true and it is my intention to live it faithfully until the day that I die. 

Family, you are all so beautiful!!! I love to see all of your smiling faces, your lovely pictures, and to hear about your lives. I am so glad to hear you are doing well and happy :) The Lord blesses you people very much. I hope you can feel that love, and recognize as well that I love you sincerley. Please send greetings and my love to all of our relatives. Thank you for being such an incredible support to me on this sacred mission, and for inspiring and guiding me along the way. 

When I saw the picture of Adam, I shouted and just about jumped out of the chair. He is a different person than who I remember, it was sad to see him so big! He's so old...I can't believe it. He's such a good little brother, I love him lots and am glad he's succeeding in the running races and in life. I hope he never stops smiling and never loses that innocent joy and happiness in life. Congrats to Scotty for getting perfect grades!! You are a diligent man! And I am so glad for your smartness, and for your friendship to all. Katie, I love you a lot and hope you continue to have life-changing spiritual experiences at church every Sunday. Steve, I hope you know how much I truly love and admire you, and how I try to follow the good example you have set. Thank you for being so loving and friendly to all, and for inspiring me along the way. Thank you so much for your email last week!!! I ate it up. I´m fasting today, and am really looking for the spiritual. I could never thank Dad enough for the legacy he has set for this Clarke family, of hard-working diligence and commitment to do that which is right. That's what I love so much about Dad, his commitment to the Lord, and serving His children. Thank you for that sacred example I'll never forget. And Mother Dearest, for the way you have always treated me since my childhood up through my difficult teenage years, even when I don't understand it, I will never stop seeking to understand the Christlike love in every difficult situation with the determination to apply it as an active agent. This gift you have given me is greatest of all, and it will serve me to love all of God's children with perfect hope for the well-being of their souls. Know and realize how far your love has reached. Always remember that I am giving my very best here in PerĂº, and that by this great faith in us the lives of many sweet, humble and pure Peruvians will be changed forever. Isn't there such great joy and peace in fulfilling the will of God. Thank you for all of your help, and keep pressing on in this great cause.


Elder Clarke

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