Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dearest Family of mine!!

Dearest Family of mine!!

I hope you all know how much I love you!! With all my guts!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are all so beautiful, a gorgeous family, and I was so happy talking with you all and so happy to see you. Please know how wonderful you all are. Thank you for supporting me so much and being there for me, loving me. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you had the best party ever! I love you so much, and am excited for when you receive the birthday card I sent you this week. (also sent a Mother´s Day card/decoration..)

Today we went to the temple, my companion and I and the assistants, and I think I it was the best, most spiritually uplifting time I´ve ever gone to the temple. Ever. It really helps that these last couple weeks the whole mission, and President Douglas, have been focused on receiving personal revelation to understand the Atonement and teach and lift our investigators with more power. Today I learned so much about the Atonement. I am 100% for sure about the reality of the Holy Ghost, and the revelation that comes when we apply the Doctrine of Christ and desire to know the mysteries of God. 

Why is there so much injustice in the world. Why is it necessary that people pass through so many trials, pains, afflictions, and sufferings in this life. I've really been thinking hard about this. There's a lot of sad things I see here in Peru sometimes, but also lots of good things. I feel I haven't experienced such sorrow really in my life, that I haven't experienced so many afflictions so difficult as others, because I've always been in the straight and narrow trying to do what's right (although it still has been very difficult), but I have a testimony of the safety and protection that the gospel brings. But some, really are sad in life without hope. This life is very difficult for some. We can tell how difficult it was for Adam and Eve to have to fall and partake of the fruit - it really must have broke their hearts. They give an amazing example of how to apply the Atonement, directly. We must accept the injustice of things, and also do everything we can to be most obedient as possible to bring justice, changing our environment for good as an agent who makes decisions. It's a clear definition of Jesus Christ as well. Do you think it's just that He suffered every affliction that ever existed, experienced every sorrow to its fullest degree, although He had never once made any little error at all? He has always lived the gospel and been in the straight and narrow; He IS THE WAY. Gave everything, and still suffered greatly - too much. Does it seem just for somebody like us to make it to celestial glory and eternal life in never-ending happiness with a perfect, and just Being, when we have made so many stupid mistakes over and over? But how could God have provided us eternal life any other way, than through a Redeemer and Savior? It is a very difficult point of the doctrine to comprehend, to accept the injustices (that are often made against us), against our will, and strive diligently to obey with exactness the commandments, and trying to bring about much justice and good by our own free will and desire. This is when we become as a child, meek, submissive, humble, full of love and willing to submit ourselves to God's will, like a child submits to his Father. Anytime any injustice happens or comes upon us in life, always think of the Atonement and apply the Doctrine of Christ, with faith, repentance, remembering covenants of obedience and sacrifice, striving to have the Spirit, and endure to the end with a perfect brightness of hope and love for God and for all men. Do all you can to change the situation, and become more like our Savior - more comprehension, justice, and an enormously merciful love. 

My heart rejoices in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation that our Father in Heaven has made for us. It is glorious and brings the Spirit into my life the more I understand and live it. I am sincerely desirious for mis hermanos Peruanos to come to a knowledge, and lasting conversion of these eternal truths. I love the Savior with all my heart, and am honestly beginning to RELY on the Spirit. I finally understand what that phrase really means now, as I've been striving to teach more powerfully the Doctrine of Christ in our proselyting area. There's so many little repeated phrases that missionaries can say to just generalize things and just get lessons done quick and easiest, habits and routines that are just apostasy. I've been holding myself back from doing any of that so strictly, focusing only on teaching pure Doctrine of Christ that applies to people´s lives to help them change, that now I can't even revert back to a general routine to save myself, even as a back up plan. The whole teaching must be run by the Spirit, or else you simply do not teach. It´s the law - from Doctrine and Covenants. So it's become so important to focus on having the Spirit at all times, and never let your standard of faith down a little bit. The process changes you, and I feel closer to God. I know that He lives, loves me, and that we can have a very personal relationship with Him if we seek Him. If we come close to Him, he comes closer to us. It's a principle of how much we really love Him and His way, and He will open unto us the mysteries of heaven. 

I'm so sorry this is such a long email, I have nothing else to say. Other than my pure, exceeding joy that bursts out of me for the opportunity to be a missionary. A blessing beyond belief - I can't believe how much Heavenly Father loves and trusts in me. Please do everything you can to personalize your relationship with God. I love you family and hope you feel more His love!!!!!!

Have the best day ever!!!!!!!! :)


Elder Clarke

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