Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dear Family!! 

I hope you´re all very happy and receiving blessings! I love my dearest old family!!! Thanks so much for writing me and for all of the love, encouragement and support. I´m grateful for all of your pure goodness. Know also that I have truly had the best week ever. Time in the mission is a blessed kind of time. There´s so much at stake, and so much spiritual strength. The sweetest gospel truth for me is to have the assurance that I have a Heavenly Father who infinitely loves me - no matter what. I thank Him for the opportunity to repent and develop my faith in His Son Jesus Christ to do His will. I was so grateful to read Steve´s email this week about seeking to understand His will through fasting - I was so inspired. Thank you so much. 

A photo of our zone at the conference with Elder Grow! 
Our zone, Chorrillos, is easily the biggest zone in the mission, 
because it includes the office and is a big powerful stake. 
There´s like 22 missionaries in our zone.

Today we had a fun P-day! We went to the very tippy point of Callao, the part of the map of Lima where it´s a point furthest out to the ocean. It was super fun! There´s like an island out there..which is massive, and there´s a prison on that island where all of the really bad people live.

I´m so happy for you Mother for working so hard! Also for all the good preparations you are doing for the priest/laurels summer camp next week. That´s very exciting and fun :) I´m so glad that you liked the card I sent you, and also that Scotty had a very fun birthday. I love Scotty! Haha, also tell Adam he needs to learn to play the violin. It´s my dream someday to learn! By the way did you all go on a fun hike during Fathers and Sons?

Anyways, I´m sorry we don´t have a lot of time, we´re heading out to the area now. I hope you know how much I love all of you. Please keep pushing forward with more faith than ever!! Oh, by the way, it´s Elder Cajo´s birthday on the 28th, wednesday. Send like a cool gangster BYU hat and a shirt, I´d love for him to have it as a gift. This next week will be a busy, but also best week ever. It´s the last week before transfers the following monday!

We also went to this beach where there was a million little rocks, big ones too, the smoothest rocks I've ever seen!! All of them, just millions. It was so fun, we skipped rocks and I kept some good ones. I was finding seashells and other interesting objects. Peru here is just crazy! SOoo different...sooo much different than the United States. I can´t even describe it. It´s just...Perúuuu
Have the best day ever family! I love you all!!!!


Elder Clarke

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