Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference!

Thank you so much for writing! I loved your emails Mom and Dad!!! You are my favorite people in the world. Loved the picture of Adam's invention!! What a little stud ;) Hope Katie had a fun choir tour! Email me all about it!! :) I hope you all know how much I love you.

Elders Fiallos, Clarke, Cajo & Wiley
So how is Conference Weekend treating all of you?! The messages yesterday were amazing. I love how clearly and powerful the apostles speak to us. My very favorite talk so far was Elder Robert D. Hale's, and also Elder Oaks' last night at the Priesthood Session. So powerful!!! The first session yesterday we weren't able to see it in English...they were trying to fix it all day. The second session we were only able to hear it in english..just sitting there hearing a recording not seeing anything, and last night for Priesthood we got to watch it in english, and today we will again too. I'm so excited to hear President Monson again!!! What were your favorites?? 

We learn much more in depth, efficiently, and quicker if we want to learn with the object of applying and living what we learn. We make that decision beforehand, and it makes a difference! I want to testify that I know the prophets are chosen servants of God, who are ordinary men, but the authority of their priesthood and calling is made manifest through the Holy Spirit by their words and deeds. I know that Jesus Christ speaks with His prophets in these days. What a blessing it is for us to have and get heed to His own words. 

Pull-ups:  a little exercise by the beach.
This week we also had leadership council, and it was the very best one for me. President Douglas gave the most incredible taller, (speech, talk..) on the doctrine of clarity. Nephi's soul delights in clarity, and so does mine! The doctrine is SO clear, all of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The doctrine is applied to people when we focus on their needs. When we teach in this way it is so simple, true, and powerful. I can't explain all that I learned, but it really changed the way I taught my lessons this week, and it's a beginning point of change in my teaching style for the rest of the mission, and hopefully the rest of my life. There is nothing more important to me right now than learning how to ´´Feed His sheep´´, which is to apply the gospel to the lives of His children, by  their needs and clarity. After we are finished teaching there should not be a doubt in any part of the mind or heart of knowing what we need to do to repent, receive blessings and come closer to God. So simple that a child could understand. 

Anyways, I love you all and hope you have the best conference ever today!! Let me know how it goes!!


Elder Clarke
Elder Clarke & Elder Wiley

Elder Fiallos & Elder Clarke with Elder Wiley in the background

Lima Bay

Elder Clarke under a bridge

Office building where the Mission Office is located

Elder Clarke and his companion Elder Cajo

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