Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dearest family!!

How are you all! Thank you Mother, I was so glad to get your email. Thank you for continually inspiring me spiritually throughout my mission, I can't tell you how much it means to me!!! I'm glad to hear the whole family is doing well, and that you loved General Conference! The talks were amazing. That is cool that Eric got asked to be the Thailand translator! Wow. Sounds like a super fun Spring Break, at Boondocks!! Good to hear about my tax refund from the Gov., haha, and that Scotty is getting to be so big and tall! Sounds good that Katie will be driving the Jeep, just be very careful!! Good luck to her with the patriarchal blessing this week!!! :) Big step! Also that is so nice of all the family to do service for the Grandparents. I'm happy to hear everything that goes on, I keep praying for your welfare. Crazy that the year mark passed this week, right? I'm old now! Wilian Orosco was my ward mission leader in Pamplona! Tell him hi from me and thank you for all he does! 

As I was watching General Conference last week...the thoughts kept coming to me that most of the words that the apostles and prophets say probably aren't the same as what they would want to say. The Spirit testifies powerfully, and I know that the Holy Ghost guides their minds and words, and they feel strongly inspired to speak the words which the Savior would have them speak to the world, to fulfill and magnify their calling as prophets, seers, revelators, and full-life-time missionaries. It fills my soul with wonder and awe to think of Jesus Christ, as the Head of this church, leading it with all righteousness, doctrine and spiritual power of persuasion in these Latter and most important Days, and how He keeps wanting to remind God's children of the tender mercies that come from doing small and simple things that are good and right, such as loving kindly or giving service, and also that we can receive His strength through the everlasting Atonement. It's wonderful to me!! 

This has been a fantastic week for sure. We have been working so hard!!! Man. This weekend coming up are cambios, we'll see what more happens!! Maybe someone else will come to replace me. I'm excited for the future, and to have more opportunities to serve. 

Thank you SOOOO much for the package you sent me, Mother Dear!!!! I was so surprised and glad, I shared it with everyone here and also thank you for the himnario! All of you, blessed family, are too kind, and too good. Let me know what happens and how you´re all doing next week! I'll talk more later!!


Elder Clarke

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