Monday, March 24, 2014

´´Su gracia es suficiente para los mansos´´

Dearest Family, ¡Los Clarke!

How is everybody today?! Mother Dearest, thank you so much for your email. You have no idea how much your inspiring and comforting words always help me each week to feel the Spirit, and press forward. Nothing is more precious to me than hearing the pure testimony of my own two parents. There's honestly nothing that inspires me more! It's a special gift you have. I equally love hearing from Dad!! 

My heart was filled with joy and emotion to see my little siblings in the picture of the week! Isn't my family so beautiful - I could not be more blessed. I want you to remember how much I sincerely love you all. Thank you so much for writing me Steve! My older brother's the best friend I could have. Thanks for always being there, supporting and helping me in every stage of life, and most important of all, for your good example. 

I hope you will all forgive me for not writing the best, most inspiring emails home lately..and the times when I didn't write! I am also going to write more handwritten letters, I promise. I don't have a good excuse, not even the office stress, I realize how important it is to maintain a close relationship with my family, to express to your my feelings and experiences. You should know that I am giving my absolute best effort right now to magnify my calling and stewardship in the things I'm given, and it brings great joy and the Spirit to focus myself 100%. Please, always remember how much I love you! 

Ether 12:26 has become one of my favorite passages in the Book of Mormon this week. This simple, true, powerful phrase doesn't seem to leave my mind in difficult trials: ´´Mi gracia is suficiente para los mansos´´, ´´My grace is sufficient for the meek.´´ I can't express the excited joy, consolation and motivation this doctrine gives me. I don't know why, in the wisdom of the Lord, I have had a lot of difficulty and trial with the language this week. I feel like I spoke better Spanish in my first area, and now I'm in the office which is like communication central of the mission! I'm on the phone everyday and communicating, and all I want right now is to improve my language skills. I know that the Lord completely understands me, and gives me strength every time I am 100% meek and humble. 

Every Friday we go out to all the zones and do room inspections, and I see all of the variety of Lima. There are some parts, like San Isidro, that are like...way nice and rich, and most all the rest is very humble. I can't even believe the effect that money and worldly possessions can have on a man's heart, to change him. In my mind, there's nothing more important than constantly staying humble of heart, and following his pure doctrine and gospel with full intent and sincerity of heart - increasing our faith in Him, repenting daily, making and renewing covenants, following the guidance of His Holy Spirit, and enduring through each individual trial with patience and hope for a better world. I know that when we decide to be extremely humble of heart, in every thing we do, the effort will not be wasted IF we understand the blessings and the recompense. His grace is sufficient. 

Wilians Marcos and his son Fabio are progressing very well! We've finished teaching just about everything, and Wilians is ready and already rescued and Fabio will soon be a member of the Bolognesi ward. They have fuego! They're on fire, and really feel the gospel. Rocio, the wife, is also assisting church and going to all the activities with her children, which is so good! There's no chance for her to not come to be baptized some day, which seems very soon after Fabio. By the way, they have two daughters that are 5 years old, another boy who's 8, and they are the cutest kids I've ever seen! I love the whole family, they're awesome. We also have 2 other investigators with a baptismal date for April and they are progressing very well! 

Things are going very well in the office, we are working hard and leaving early every day to go out and teach, even if we don't finish everything, we go and teach and just come back at night to finish. Trying to stay dedicated. It's a great life! I love being a missionary. 

You're the best family ever, I'll be talking with you more later. Saludos a the Grandparents and all the Uncles, Aunts, and cousins! 

Love you all!!!

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