Saturday, March 15, 2014

Best Week Ever!!!

Dearest Family!!

How are you all doing?! I hope well. :) It is so good to hear from you, thanks for the awesome email, Mother! Also, the picture of the week was a good one! Those two boys are growing up so big, so fast! Although Adam still looks like a baby in the face. ;) Haha. Family, I´m super sorry I didn´t write an email last week, things were a little crazy. It´s difficult to get the time to write a focused letter! Sooo many things have happened, good things, and now it´s too much for me to try to wrap up together in one letter. 

Two Sundays ago, the 2 of March, was incredible!! We had more people in the chapel than I had ever seen before in my mission! And it was fast and testimony meeting, what a miracle - a very spiritual meeting. The family that we are teaching is progressing very well, William Marcos, the less-active father we are rescuing, and he's getting prepared to baptize his 14-year old son who's also receiving the lessons and progressing well, and then he's gonna get the wife in on church every weekend, and there just won't be any choice. :) They're going to get sealed and raise their other little kids in the gospel!! It is a beautiful thing to see, a lot of joy involved with bringing people to Christ. 

Elder Cajo and I have been working so hard this week in our proselyting area, it doesn't even matter what we have going on at the office, we leave early every day to make it to all of our appointments-lessons we have, too many we don't have time sometimes! I know the Lord is blessing us and helping us. He's definitely helping me to learn how to teach more effectively, with the Spirit, through a great example of Elder Cajo. Really, I don't know anybody more converted than this guy right here! I am really, very blessed this transfer to have such a good companion. 

To answer a couple questions, Mother, no the Peruvians don't seem to care much about their weight. Most of them are on the chubby side...they realize it, and accept it. Ha :) Also, I do go to the temple a lot, and enjoy it very much! Man, I went with Elder Henostroza last week, and had a lot of memorable experiences with that missionary. I'll never forget him. Favorite food here in PerĂº, there's too many good ones to select just one! I like the papa de huancallina, it's a favorite. :) I loved your quote Mother!! Thank you.  I'm excited to do those temple names you are sending. I was not able to send with Sister Douglas a birthday card to Scotty, I didn't have time sorry! I'll still be sending one don't you worry. ;) Tell me how everything goes! I sent with Sister Douglas some clothes I want to be sent home, and a super cool new mission backpack that I want to save with my stuff. Also, I am losing a little bit of weight here! I am not sure why. Even President asked me why the other day, it just happens when you serve in the office I think. Anyways, we're working hard! 

We've been finding new really good investigators as well, and put two more baptismal dates this week! I can't believe how much work is going on here in PerĂº, it's just crazy how the work spreads. I testify that when we do it in the right way, with all the sincerity and loyalty of our heart, the Lord provides as much as our faith allows. The mission's pushing me!! We've got so far to go, so much to grow. I love you all, and hope you are all progressing very well! 

I will write more later, sorry for not writing much today, we're off to a birthday of the little daughter of the Marcos family. It's gonna be a good day! I love you all family!!


Elder Clarke

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