Saturday, February 22, 2014

Best Day Ever

Dearest Family,

I am so grateful to write you this afternoon!! It has been so good to hear from each one of you, sounds like you´re all doing very well! Thanks for writing me Scotty! That guy is growing up so quickly it´s insane. Keep up the good work everybody, and I am going to be praying and fasting for Mother for sure! I hope you get that job you want, and also that everything goes well in all of the spiritual activities/events/conferences coming up soon! Congrats to Scotty for making yearbook! That´s really super cool, that´ll be such a great experience. And Katie for Chamber call-backs!! That´s way good, and also that you get to see Steve every weekend. :) Hope it gets warm over there in Utah! I´m still sweating here every day...haha it´s awesome. :)

You ask the best questions, Mother! So specific. I will answer them :) No, we do not cook our
food, we eat with the members dinner on saturdays, and lunch and dinner on sundays, and then the rest...we´re just kinda on our own, find what we can. We go out to eat a lot...get subway sandwiches which is really close by, there´s like a pensionist lady who brings food to the office building and we just go down and buy food from her, buy stuff at Wong´s grocery store really close by, and do what we can. Cereal, fruits, bread, yogurt for breakfast, and I´m starting to get supplies to make tacos for dinners. It´s good! I use my water filter-bottle every single day, fill it up like 4-5 times a day! I drink so much water. I don´t get sick anymore..sometimes feel a little queezy of the stomach, but I don´t have any problems. Everything´s pretty americanized where I am! I´ll probably be here in the office until like at least June...mayyyybe July, but probably not. Health secretaries are usually in the office like 6-7 months, Elder Hartvigsen was here for 8! So, it is unknown. I do like it here, it´s really nice and I like working hard - there´s a lot of work. I really miss the set schedule that we had doesn´t really work like that for us in the office, but we do the best we can. We had an excellent companionship study/inventory with all of us, secretaries and assistants in our room. It was so good, what we needed! Elder Henostroza seriously inspires me so much. He´s amazing. He´s the senior assistant, and goes home in two months! But he´s on fire, and is helping me improve my teaching abilities, which is still a little hard for me. I really wish we could be working more in our area, and we are going to! We´re gonna start leaving an hour earlier every day to be more focused. It´s gonna mean a lot of work though! 

This past week, we found an awesome family that we´re starting to teach! The family of Mirtha's sister, our convert of last week, and we started with William Marcos, the father of the family,
who has been a member like 15 years, but moved and because of work went inactive for a long time. We started teaching his children, with Mirtha, and then found him and got him really excited to come back to church. The mother is still not super excited, but we had a family night with all of them, Mirtha and her son, and the sister missionaries in our ward, and got everybody super excited. We´re hoping and praying to see all of them tomorrow! The bishop already had an interview with him, and he seems pretty committed. We´ll rescue him, then baptize his wife and children, and get them all sealed in the temple. I´m so grateful for the excitement of the father, the head of the family, really trying to get his family back in the church; he has a strong testimony and knows what´s good, he just had a really hard time with work and got discouraged. But God loves him, and wants him to come back, and it´s a blessing to help in that sacred kind of work. Thank you so much for the quote from Pte. Uchtdorf, Mother Dear, it reminds me a lot of missionary work, just pondering in how much our Savior really loves us. 

Anyways, our baptism last week went perfectly, and the confirmation as well, and our convert is looking strong! The ward is doing great as well. We´re planning a big ward activity for april, we're looking to really unite the ward, it was inspired by the bishop. We're gonna try to make it like a mini- EFY kind of a thing. Everyone's super excited! Well, I think we´re gonna go to a cool museum today and then leave to proselyte early, hope you all have the best day ever! I love you all so much!!! :)


Elder Clarke

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