Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mother Dear!!!

I love you so much! :) I´m doing so well and am so happy to hear from you. Thank you so much for writing me! I´m sorry I´m getting to it late! We picked up Elder Durfey (I forgot to take a picture, sorry...I´m not very good at that stuff) from the airport this morning with President, and all is well! He looks good, and I am excited to continue working in the Work of Salvation. We just finished watching 17 Miracles and another new pioneerish Mormon movie like that for our P-Day. It was so inspiring, and relaxing. I am SOOO grateful for the stuff you sent me! Thank you so so much. I was most excited above all to receive this music!! :) haha. Thank you so much for the cards, Mother! I loved seeing our Christmas card, and all the letters from you, Steve, Katie and Scotty! Thank you dearly. Also the treats! :) I feel the love! TELL ADAM HOW MUCH I APPRECIATED THAT CALENDAR HE MADE FOR ME!!!  That's nuts that Steve is already taking off to BYU! But it's good. I'm excited for him. He's gonna do awesome!

Okay, Mother Dearest. I am sending you the coolest photos of New Year's Eve! I hope you love them! I've gotta tell some great stories about that by the way. It was INSANE. Nutso, I have never felt such a great thrill in my life! It was actually...a little bit dangerous, and illegal. But we were only spectators from the top of our 17th floor building. :) 

Here are some more. It was so fun. K, so we took cool pictures, watched them all go off for like a half-hour nonstop just everywhere in the city, and then this group of people came up to the top as well, like a family to come hang out, and they brought massive fireworks! TONS. And started setting them off from the top of the roof! Some fell over, and started firing every which way! I ducked and one went over my head and off the building and sunk down a ways and blew up in between two buildings. These are the like, BIG fireworks we're talking about here, too. After two rounds, we went back down to our room cuz it was dangerous.

And when we went down to our room, they were still going off every which way (our room still being on the top floor, just one floor below) and they almost hit our windows! They were all so bright right in front of our faces and loud, it was like being in the midst of a war. Also, before that happened some people on the lower floors of our building shot them up out of their windows, and they exploded like right at the buildings ledge, and took us by surprise! I nearly lost my hearing cuz I didn't see it coming!! And we were like running to take cover... but there were some cool ones that went off right behind our building, and got some cool shots. Anyways, I'm not trying to freak you out, we're all fine now, it was just really fun. Also, before midnight we had a Chilean feast of completos, which is pan with avocado, tomato and mayonaisse and boiled hot dog inside, and it´s so good, and then we sang hymns in a quartet until midnight! Way fun, I´ll never forget it!!

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