Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dear Family!!!

How are you all doing, my dear family!? I hope you've all had the best week ever!!! 

First off, we had our baptism today, and it was very spiritual and uplifting! They are always such special experiences. My favorite hymn to sing is ´´Lord, I Would Follow Thee´´. We sang that as a musical number, and I threw down Allen with power!!! He told me he wanted me to put him down as low as possible in the water with lots of force. I was going to, and before I even could he like threw himself in the water, and I had to pull him out! It was a big splash, and really kinda cool haha. He was just so excited to get it done, and feel the difference. He shared a sweet testimony that he knows this is the change he needs in his life, and for his gratitude to be able to hear this gospel. It was a beautiful meeting with all.
Elder Clarke working in the office
I have also had a super good week here in the office. There has been so much work!!! I have never been so busy at such a high stress level...ever!! Lots of emergency transfers that all happened this week, missionaries who've had to go home for sicknesses, all happened so fast. Ha! I am definitely being stretched and growing a lot. I´m so happy to be a missionary!!! I LOVE IT! I love being able to go out to our area, or go in taxis, and be able to express my testimony and share the doctrine of Christ with all. 

In the office--amazing woven blanket art of Christ in the background
The part of the Doctrine that really hit me hard this week is the importance of our agency, and humility - two things that can never be taken from you, no matter what happens. You choose to be humble, sincerely, and nobody can judge you wrongly for that. I find it a precious, and joyful opportunity, and when I try my best to choose to be humble, I feel myself understanding my Savior better.

I was so happy to hear from Dad today!!! I wanted to personally thank you for your inspired and uplifting email you sent me. I am so grateful to have you as my father, I see you as an incredible example, and I love you more than you know. Thank you so much for everything. I love you!!!!

Sunset in Lima
Congratulations to Steve for getting that job at Chrysalis!! That is WAY cool. T-Hyde as well. Tell me all about it, and how you like it and everything! Have you been able to hang out with Colton, Alex and Joe yet?? I hope they all remember how much I love them too. I was so sad to hear that our stake presidency is getting released! They are amazing priesthood leaders, and they will be missed. Also very sad to hear about Sister Drake - their family will definitely be in my prayers. 

I don´t have a whole lot to say this week, things are going well, lots of work. And transfers are this coming weekend, we´ll see how it all plays out! :) I just want to leave my testimony, that I know the gospel changes lives when applied with true intent. Faith is an incredible power that works miracles. Our limits exponentially expand as we learn how to exert more faith. We must do ALL that we can, and do it with true intent. 

I love you all, family! I am praying for Adam, Scotty, and Katie in school - Steve at BYU, Dad in his work, class, and calling, and Mom in her callings and job as well. I am so glad to hear about all of the great things that you´re doing, and am your #1 biggest fan!!!!! ;) 


Elder Clarke

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