Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dearest Family!  

How pleased I am to write you all! And how sad I am to not have anything to read...  :( haha, it´s ok don´t worry about it. I know you didn´t know that I´d be changing my P-days to Saturdays now for awhile. I had a big change in the mission!

This past Monday night at 10 o´clock, the AP´s called to tell me about my emergency transfer out of Pamplona. Now I am serving as the personal secretary to President Douglas and also as the health secretary for all the mission. I had no idea it was coming! Especially 2 weeks before transfers, it was sad having to pack all my stuff so fast in the morning and leaving my first area the very next day, but I am very excited for what´s coming up. Lots of opportunities to serve, love, learn, and give up my whole self to the mission in more ways than I will even be expecting. 

First of all, it´s a HUGE difference from Pamplona, a poorer area in the mission, and now I live in one of the richest parts of all of Lima! I´m in San Isidro, where there´s lots of big office and business buildings, banks, hotels, and like 27 embassies from different countries around the world. Huge. And I probably live almost a nicer lifestyle than I did in the U.S.! We live on the top 17th floor of a way nice apartment building, and I have the nicest phone of any missionaries in the mission, with access to just about any information about the mission. It´s super cool! Elder Hartvigsen from Alpine, UT is my companion, he´s from Lone Peak! It´s like the only situation ever where two gringos are allowed to be companions, cuz all the personal secretaries have to be gringo I think - because we talk with President and Sister Douglas on a daily basis and are like the intermediator guy between them and all the missionaries - so yeah, he´s training me and he´s a really good guy, and has been a super good secretary. I´ve learned that I´ve gotta improve a LOT on my Spanish...and also just learning all the things I´ve got to do. It´s one thing to being able to speak Spanish well, and it´s like a third level of being able to speak very good English and very good Spanish at any given time, like a translator. I´ve got to be like professional in everything I do, and it´s actually teaching me and changing me a lot. 

We are also baptizing elders at the same time. We share an area with Sisters in Chorrillos, the ward is the Bolognesi II ward, and it´s actually doing really well. The office elders here have a baptism today, and one next week as well! Which is actually really impressive, because we only get like 2-3 hours TOPS of proselyting time every night after leaving the office...normally like 1-1.5 if we´re lucky. It´s a rough job, we´ve basically just got to fix all of the problems in the mission! The missionaries call their zone leaders, who call the assistants, who call President, who then calls us and says...´´Fix it.´´ Haha. It´s great. I´m excited to push my levels of Obedience, Diligence, Faith, and Patience to the extreme. Now I have so many opportunities, so much responsibility, and I´m the boss of my own time and tasks, and I´m gonna do all I possibly can to be obedient not out of obligation but because it is my quest. I KNOW I can bring miracles to our ward, and still contribute a lot. I am so excited, I am just gonna do my very best. 

Anyways, the investigator that we´re baptizing tonight is named Angela, and she´s super powerful!! She is way converted, and wants to serve a mission! I still don´t really know the ward or area much yet...cuz we´ve had lots of work to do, so I´ll talk more about that later. Opportunities to teach and actually be a missionary now are just like a joyful bliss - brings joy and comfort to my heart. It is sacred. I am studying so hard to become a good teacher, that´s like all I want! I am also working really hard to be a Christ-like person. I have so much to improve!

I actually have a big concern...last monday in Pamplona when I was doing internet...I left my iPod there, and it is lost. It made me so sad you have no idea, cuz that had all of my favorite church music to play throughout the day, and I just...need to sing to be happy! But, it was the iPod Nick Clark gave me,´s not like a super big deal. Just, now I don´t really have music on the mish. :( I wanted to ask Mom about that...if there´s by any chance an extra super old nano iPod that works that I could put some Church music on to listen and sing to? That would just put joy and peace right into my soul. But there´s specific music from our computer at home I want, like Handel´s Messiah, Paul Cardall, BYU Vocal Point cd that Krissy gave me...MoTab, the other Mormon Pianists. I don´t know if also you may be able to burn a cd of music and just send it to me in a tiny package and I could load it here on the computer? I´m not sure what to do actually, I needed Mom´s advice. She always knows what to do. 

Also...yeah, I think that´s it. I am sending like the longest email on earth today because I didn´t really have anything to read...I´m just writing a lot. I hope you enjoy it! Haha. Anyways. I am learning a whole lot about health insurance companies and clinics now, and make the appointments for all of the missionaries! Also, I make sure that all the missionaries get legally in and out of the country with ID cards and visas, and buy the plane tickets for them all, make sweet reports of the mission stats on Excel for President, and just do whatever he wants. It´s really cool. I met the rest of his family that live here, just his son and daughter, who play tennis every day here! Sometime I´m gonna go play with them, I´m pumped. I got a letter from Grandpa and Grandma this morning, and it made me so happy! I love you both so much! And, I hope you know, you are totally free to email me as well, I would love to write you! I already included a handwritten letter to them in the second small package I´m gonna send for Christmas. Haha. I hope I can do that soon. 

Anyways, I hope you are all doing so well, having the best week ever, and gettin' everything super nice and ready for Elder Clarke´s arrival, from Panamá!!!!!!!!!! Soooo pummmpped. That´s awesome. Just give him a huge big ol´ hug for me. 

Love you all so much! Email me!
(here´s my super sweet signature I made to put on all the emails I send now)

Misión Perú Lima Sur
Secretario del Presidente

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