Monday, November 25, 2013

What a great week in the Service of the Lord.

Dearest Family!!!

Wow, what a fantastic day and week. We've been working hard this week!!! Haha, and I am so happy you got the package all safely! That was faster than I thought. And thank you for the fotos! Haha it made me laugh, Katie's face didn't look very convincing like they were good alfajores. Haha, the different tastes of Perú are...different. It's funny, members and people we eat with always ask me, ¨¨What are the foods you eat in your country, or used to eat before?´´ and I always say....I´m not exactly sure...I don´t remember. but I am remembering slowly. last week, tacos, and ... macaroni and cheese?! Last night, yeah. Anyways, maybe you can remind me the typical plates of food over there. Oh, and the letter from Elder Bromley I wasn't able to read! But, I love him so much, what a good guy! We actually see each other quite often. And my suit size...I am not sure. Haha, sorry! But I am actually starting to grow out of my suit..the nice one I took to Perú, little tight in the shoulders now, I´m growing a little bigger because of the push-ups I´m doing I think. I am improving every day being able to do more and more! It´s fun. I am surely going to gain weight on the mission. I´m so excited to see Steve get back!!! Man, you'll spend Christmas with him, so lucky. OH, and I honestly totally forgot about Thanksgiving until you just mentioned it. I don't think I'll be doing anything, cuz it's not a holiday down here, but I will read those scriptures you sent! :) That´s so awesome that Katie went to Preference!!! How fun is that. itranquilo! And, yes I got the package!! It made me super happy! The only thing I saw was the awesome frisbee, the others are wrapped. Thank you so much mother! You're the best. Oh, and other thing I forgot to send you, a member named Nataly Champi bought you a couple SWEET money-coin holders, like a mini peruvian purse as a present for Christmas for you mom, and I´ll send it someday. ha. Thank you so much for the letters, Dad and Steve, man I am going to miss those letters from Steve in how he's doing on the mish. You better write me every week after inspiring me with your wisdom! What an incredible man, that guy, Steve Clarke. He should be getting the birthday card I sent soon! Haha..a week late. Sorry.

Well, we might be baptizing Carolina this week. She fainted in the baptismal font the last time, because of fear and the cold, frigid water that is the only thing available in most the chapels here. But we're gonna do it in a different chapel in San Juan, different stake, that has warm water. We're progressing and doing super good in the work!! 

I would like to tell a little bit about yesterday, a memorable experience with the Bishop. Shoot, only 2 minutes. Well, I am not sure if this program is going on worldwide or just in South America, ¨¨The Work of Salvation¨´, but it is really the most incredible, magnificent and glorious change in missionary work. The members don't understand it in Perú. We are visiting the bishop, helping his family, k and helping him understand it to turn around this ward. We took him to the training video conference yesterday, Incredible act of love from the Lord in bringing to pass this new change in His work. 

Sorrry, ran out of time, I´ll write more next week! I love you all so much have the greatest week ever!!!!!!

MUUUCHo love,

Elder Clarke

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