Monday, November 11, 2013

Dear Family!

I am so happy and excited to write to you all!! I am going to write extra long, suggested by Mom. Hehe. I laughed really hard when you said you can tell what kind of a mood I´m in when I write. It´s so true though. Mother, I can assure you that I haven´t been sick in a while, and to not worry, because it´s not a big deal anymore. I just take one pill and suero oral and its over in 2 days. Please don´t worry! Just pray for my investigators, even harder. And all of the faithful members in this ward, that they press forward.

Elder Clarke & Elder Savino
Well, I sent off a Christmas package to you all today! It is the bomb. Haha. I´m sending it through the office, and Elder Harvingson is going to give it to that one lady that travels for work, to Utah, and will take it I think. It´s the lady who was recommended by Elder Durfey, and also Elder Harvingston. He lives in Alpine. Anyways, Mother, please! Ha. Don´t make the office Elders wrap the package, that´s just..a little too much. I ´promise I´ll wrap it up nicely and make it look good, and ready for Christmas! Haha. I am super excited. 

Today, we had a choir practice with a few zones in the mission!!!! It was so much fun, ohhhh man. And reminded me of chamber choir. I love singing. We´re doing an awesome musical number of ´´Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing´´, because this Saturday Elder Russell M. Nelson comes to town!! To speak just with our mission. I am so pumped, and so is Pte. Douglas! I hope you all know, just sayin', that our mission really just dominates. In terms of effective missionary work, and just...domination, PerĂº Lima Sur is the best. And a big part of it goes to Pres. Douglas, he´s just amazing! I am super excited to see what Elder Nelson has in mind for us when he comes. It´s going to be a fabulous experience.

This week, I had my first intercambio with another gringo! Elder Dahle, from Idaho. different my mission would be if gringos were companions together. We were together for just one day, and it was super different! I am losing my english. We had to practice, doing our daily prayers together, in english...and it was just embarrassing. Can't do them as powerfully as they are in spanish. It was really funny the spanglish conversations we were having. But he also helped me a lot too, and we put 3 fecha bautismales this week! And inspired me to be better. This area has so many people who are just ready to be baptized! Just gotta work super hard and help them prepare. The work is incredible here. I did another voice recording last night and talked a lot more in detail, and I´ll send it today so you can be better informed. But I am learning so much here, changing, and giving my all. 

Yesterday was the birthday of my companion, Elder Savino!! It was such a memorable day that I will never forget in all of my life. The love that I saw was incomparable. I cannot even believe it. If people from the U.S. even saw how simple, sincere and humble these people are in their acts of service and love...they´d just laugh - cuz you just cant even believe it. I still do, sometimes, little giggles to myself, but then I repent and try to be more meek and humble, and Christ-like. It's just an absolutely different world, with love that is sincere and humble above anything, and I'll never forget it. 
Elder Savino's 22nd Birthday Party!
The Young Single Adults of the ward threw a surprise birthday party for him, and also the Bishop's family did a surprise lunch-cake for him, and also a party with our Peruvian family where our room is. Words can't explain, the example of my companion, Elder Savino. He turned 22 years old!!! He is so so so meek, humble, and kind like I've never seen before, like a child. Seriously reminds me of Alex and Colton, from House 19. I have really been learning something about those Christ-like attributes, in Moroni 7:43, being meek and humble of heart. I know that those people, are the ones that will be saved at the last day. It´s an attribute that will never leave my heart, and I will ever be developing it more and more throughout my whole life. I pray every day that in the future I might have a child with autism or a Alex or that I will always have the opportunity to demonstrate Christ-like charity. Nothing means more to me- not any other thing in the world. What a sacred and precious opportunity I'm having right now in the mission. 

Anyways, I hope everybody has felt the love of God this week, and that it has inspired them to make a change in their life to grow closer to Him, through repentance. I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that it is true, and that it changes lives. And I also know that this work, missionary work, is the work of our Savior, and that He has a lot more love for us than anybody could even imagine, and that in the last day none of us will be able to believe how much He truly loves each one of us. 

I hope you have the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take time to love one another, and take care of each other this week.


Elder Clarke

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