Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Family!!!

How are you all doing this week!!!!!! I am having the best week ever and am so excited to email you all. My heart was filled with joy to read letters from Steve, Katie, Father and Mother! Thank you all so much, for inspiring me. I love my whole family!!!

What an incredible experience we had with Elder Russell M. Nelson this week! Wow. Him, his wife, Elder Rasband of the Presidency of the Seventy...and 3 or 4 other seventies and their wives. Turns out Elder Nelson actually invited US to this conference! Wow, just our mission, the people who are in Lima, not in the south., a  bit more than half, not that many people, it was quite the privilege! He shook all of our hands, Just such pure people, it was incredible and amazing to just watch and observe him so up close. Also, he is so old! A LOT older than he seems when you see him on Conference...but, he´s awesome. 

The first chapel of the very first stake of  the church organized in Lima, Peru.
Also where Elder Clarke went to hear Elder Nelson speak this week.
President Douglas conducted the conference, and was like a proud father of our mission, it made me cry just seeing him. Elder Nelson gave a talk this April about Subir a la Ola, which means..Rise with the Wave..I think, in terms of missionary work. And that has been our motto of the mission this whole time and always talks about that to us in specific things to change and improve to Rise with the Wave, and in the meeting he reported to Elder Nelson, an apostle, that the PerĂº Lima South mission is rising to the wave, and that we are ready to see REAL GROWTH in this mission. It just makes me cry right now even thinking of that because of how inspiring it is. I have learned a lot about faith in my mission, and returning and reporting, like Dad always taught me. The Lord commands something, you learn your duty (about the commandment), you make plans and goals with a spirit of prayer and share those with the Lord and really commit yourself to it, then you act boldly in carrying out those plans with faith asking the help of the Lord in every act, you give your ALL being guided by the spirit and a spirit of love in all you do, and then you return and report to the Lord in prayer and see the results. Then, adjust your plans, make realistic goals which are acts of faith, and go get things done. The work and the way of the Lord inspires me like nothing else in my whole life, and it is changing me. It is changing the person I am and will be for the rest of my life, to be a true servant of the Lord bringing to pass His will in all things. Nothing fills my soul with more joy than to bring about the will of the Father, just like our Savior did in all things. 

Elder Nelson spoke about how the Lord always takes the unlikely, and works miracles with that according to the faith of the children of men. It was so inspiring to hear stories he told of his ministry in accomplishing the unlikely, and miracles. Faith is growing to be a part of my very person, always repenting and striving for perfection, and remembering our covenants and the importance of the Spirit, and loving people above all, in the acts that we do. I have such a strong testimony, and know that this is the work of the Lord. 

We had a baptism this past saturday that...failed. That is an interesting story for another week. Let´s just say that in the end the investigator passed out in the baptismal font and we´ll have to try another day. 

I love you all so much, and hope you have the best week ever!!!


Elder Clarke

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