Monday, November 4, 2013

Best Week Ever

My Dear Family!!!

How happy I am today. What a week. Best week ever! 

So, I stay another change, no changes. I´ll be here for 6 and a half months, in this my place of birth, Pamplona alta! At first it was a little hard, but I am actually so so so grateful for it. I knew before I even heard that I wouldn't be changed. I know that the Lord has a work here especially for ME to do, and it is so inspiring and spiritual to ponder in that - why does the Lord need ME here? And I have found many answers. I will tell more stories later when I have more time. 

Elder Huallanca--Steve's former mission companion
in Panama who just returned home to Lima
Elder Savino is doing great, growing and learning lots. I am excited to finish his training! I have really grown to love him, and every opportunity in my mission thus far is such a blessing. I absolutely love Pamplona with all my heart, and never want to leave! We're working a lot better with the ward, leader missional and the Bishop, who accompanied us to visit less actives and we had a meeting with him. He commented, ¨¨I feel a strong desire to participate in the work.¨ and we´re helping him raise the vision for the ward. He said he wants to grow to 200 assistence in the church! That is pretty crazy, down here in Latino wards, but it´s possible. We are visiting so many inactives to reactivate them, according to the will of President, and we are finding the prepared people for baptism. I´m so excited. Also, a new focus in our mission is ´´rescued´´ members, a new key indicator that we report every week. We´re doing well with that! Love it. Also, María is as strong as ever! Invited us to lunch and dinner yesterday, and she is such a strong convert. Definitely my fave, and her family.

I met Elder Huallanca on Saturday!! He´s the bomb, so cool. And his mom is so stinkin' kind, and loves to give us food. I´ll have to tell you about that later, haha. The peruvians here love to feed us, like so much that...its a burden. Saturday before fasting we ate two whole meals for breakfast, and two whole lunches with soup, a plate, and dessert. Man, I can put down so much food now, it is a real talent. Haha. All to please the members here, and let them know I appreciate their kindness.

I am repenting every day, and changing habits to become an even better missionary. I love you all so much, and want you all to sincerely know that. I will be sending a few voice recordings, so you can hear from my voice that I love you all! I am sorry I haven´t sent letters to you all in a while, and grandparents too, but today I´m preparing a package to send this Wednesday for Christmas, so it comes on time, and early so it can have some time under the tree when it arrives. You have to wrap it for me, mother dear! Haha, please and thank you. I am so excited for you all to get it! And, I´m also writing lots of letters to members, less actives, and other friends on missions, along with family members, and Steve!!! His birthday! Man. I love him so much, such an inspiring example. I think of him on the daily. Let him know that I don´t want to really harm him by punching him in the throat, it´s just a funny phrase. Haha. 

Family, you are the best. I love you all! Hope you all had such a good Halloween! I love to hear from you. 

I hope you have the best week ever!!!

MuuuUUUuuucho amor,

Elder Clarke

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