Monday, October 21, 2013


Ohhhh my goodness!! I cannot express the joy in my soul for these people right here. This is a picture of Hna. Felicita Llontop, mi peruana mamita!! She´s our pensionista, and does our laundry too. She´s basically like my mother here! She´s the one with her grandson, in the black shirt. I cannot express how good she cooks! Like...professional, it´s incredible Peruvian food, I´m sorry! But, yeah. And the other, of the two old grandparents, haha, are like my peruvian grandparents. abuelita y abuelito. They are the owners of the house, and we just rent one room, and they live on the floor above us. And are so loving and kind, always inviting us for dinner, lunch, or just randomly come down to give us hot drinks (like...juice..? i don´t know how to describe it, but good. nothing breaking the word of wisdom.), bread, and armfuls of fruit!! Haha, they are so fun to talk to, love to laugh, and so so kind. Seriously, my heart goes out to these Peruvian people. And another of a different service project, painting! so fun.

Oh, and you said how there are people looking you up on facebook! Haha, that´s cuz I tell them to go find you on facebook. If they do find you, it´s cuz I asked them to, so don´t be afraid. Just love them, they are my favortite people and love them!!! If one day, María Huaman looks you up, just know that she is my favorite investigator of all-time. She´s gonna be baptized this saturday!!  Oh, and Jesús, the cousin of Elder Huallanca, is really excited and doing well with the discussions and stuff...but still can´t be baptized because he can´t change his work schedule to get off sundays to be able to go to church, but we´re still working with him. He´s the bomb! He wants to be a missionary too someday. 

Anyways, thank you so much for emailing!!! I am truly sorry sometimes, when I don´t email anything very interesting or exciting, and I realize that. But just know I am doing great, and I love you alll so much, and trying hard with all that´s going on down here! It´s hard at times, but so so good. I am seriously going to cry when I leave Pamplona! I love this area, cuz I know it so well know after being here so long..know so many people. And at times the ward is frustrating...but overall, they are really pretty dang good compared to other places, and I am positive that my next area is going to be a heck of a lot harder and I´m gonna realize a ton of the blessings that I have had here. But..who knows? What can be done. We just try our best, with our faith, and move forward. And that´s what I´m doing! Anyways, I love you mom, thanks for all the updates. Have a great time at Jason´s wedding!! That´s awesome, I really hope it goes well. He´s a good guy. And congrats on passing your test, and having such great hopes and desires to work and serve in your profession! You´re such a great example to me. And I thank you for all of your love, mother dear. There is nothing like the love of a mother, and it´s something I´ll seriously just never be able to understand. The members that live below us have a son out on a mission, and we eat with them sometimes and converse and all, and seeing the love that sister has for her son is inspiring, and how she hopes the members are taking good care of him wherever he is in Guatemala, and so they take super good care of us here. Seriously! They helped me recover from my illness this week! Saturday and Sunday, and they brought hot drinks up to me, and really soothed my stomach. Have no fear, I´ve got the sickness thing down to a science now! I recovered in two days flat. Man. You just take a few infection pills, and a suero oral (which is like a gatorade on drugs). Anyways, holy cow!"!! I can´t believe I don´t have time to write the family I am so so sorry!!! It goes so fast here, chicana. I love you all so much! I will write more next week, promise. 


Elder Clarke

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