Monday, October 28, 2013

Maria's Baptism!

Dear Family!!!

I love you all so much!! I cannot express the joy in my heart, and the peace that is with me because of the word of God. 

Last week in the interview with the President, as he was thinking of something of which to inspire me to a higher level, asked me...Elder Clarke, do you like to memorize? 

I told him I did. Piano strokes...for all my classes...singing songs...and, scriptures.

He told me that if one can learn to master his thoughts, he can control his destiny. 

I have been treasuring up the word of God in my heart more than ever before. Already memorized 2 Ne. 31, now almost finishing Moroni 7, and other parts in the Book of Mormon. I can tell you that meditating, and pondering the word in those scriptures have helped me receive a new higher understanding of what it really means. 

Two Sundays ago President Douglas spoke in a meeting in our stake, and I picked up on him quoting little parts of scriptures here and there, but in a different way, in his own personal manner. I then understood that we treasure up the word, and make it our own, and put it into practice in our own teaching after we´ve applied it to ourselves, and the Spirit testifies stronger than ever. This has become precious for me, and I am doing it as well, to become an effective teacher of the Spirit, as it has been a goal of mine. 

Sorry I couldn´t write more, I love you all!!! I am so excited for Steve, and all the things you´ve written. You´re the best family ever, and I´m doing great here in Pamplona. Best baptism ever last saturday! Oh, and I might be changed this week. Changes are on friday, we´ll know wednesday. 

The only request I have is to send more ties, because I´ve given away a mighty good portion, and am running out.

Love you all!!!!

Elder Clarke

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