Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hello, Family!

How lovely it is to hear from you all!! How incredible you are, and what great examples. I love always hearing about all the great things you're all doing, keep it up! Send my greetings to the new girl from Germany who's staying with us now, what a great opportunity!! Parents, you're so amazing, right when me and Steve get out, you never stop working hard to serve and help other people, in your callings, and people from Germany?! So sweet. I love you so much. Thank you for the uplifting and inspiring emails! And STEVE!!! Oh my goodness. I love you so much, and good luck on those last two months. Make every single day count, with lots of goals and focuses every day! You're my biggest example ever and I love you. Return with Honor.

Elder Savino & Elder Clarke
So, we had changes this week! Elder Arancibia se fue a Chorrillos! And I am now training! Elder Savino, is my new companion, and he has such a humble and kind, giving heart, it really is motivational to witness. I am helping him right now becoming to be an obedient and effective missionary, and it is a sacred responsibility. My testimony and strength has grown so much here on the mission. 

Jesús se bautizó last saturday!! It was beautiful, and I love him to death. Lots of great investigators that are getting ready for baptism, and more on the way! Doing great work here in Pamplona! 

Elder Clarke & Jesus' baptism
I am very excited to train, but definitely qualify to receive a lot of heavenly help from above. I am still learning, and don't know how to do quite everything, but here is my plan, brothers and sisters, and can be a plan of all of us.  1) Be exactly obedient in all that I already know how to do (which will fill most of my time), setting goals to reach that point. 2) When I don't know what to do, or need additional strength and motivation, I'm gonna ask the Lord in great prayer, and go and work hard with lots of faith, and it will be given me what I ask for. 3) The Spirit will enable me to do all things I need to here in Pamplona. 

The mission is really breaking down my mind and will in to simple things according to the holy principles of the Gospel, and will grow into great accomplishments pretty soon.

Love you so much family!!! I will write more later.


Elder Clarke

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