Monday, September 30, 2013


Dearest Family!!!

How my heart is filled with joy to be able to talk with you all. I love you so much! And am having the best day ever, down here, in PerĂº. 

You´ll all have to forgive me; I am really awkward with words these days, in my English, and can't speak very well. But I hope you are able to feel a little bit of joy and Spirit reading my letter. Soon I am going to send another voice recording (after a lot of practicing speaking...) so you can hear me speak!! :) haha. ahh, family.

Mother, Dear! I received a big letter from you this week, and wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! It really uplifted me and encouraged me spiritually. You're the best mom ever! Thanks, family, for always supporting me and encouraging me spiritually. It really makes a difference, let me tell ya. 

This week.....I'm not really even sure what to say. I'm givin it my all, down here! We put more baptismal dates, a few new investigators, trying to work with the ward, invited EVERYONE to church this week, with daily contact to remind them and encourage them...and still, the people didn't come to church. Only one. I'm to a point that I'm not exactly sure what more to do...after assigning members to bring them and everything...idk. I've been reading the words of Nefi this week, and they inspire me incredibly. In chapter 17 and 18, he is an incredible example. Even though he has difficult companions, Laman and Lemuel who are always trying to get him down, he bears his testimony so strongly, and works even harder. Where is all this spiritual power coming from? He is incredible. And even though he doesn't know how to build a ship, he goes up to the mountain often to ask God how, and he fulfills the will of the Father. Anyways, I can't explain everything that I've learned, but he's such a good example for me! The scriptures give me such spiritual strength, it's incredible! Every morning I have to tap into that spiritual source to reflect the light of Christ and the hope of the gospel to everybody here in Pamplona, to always encourage and inspire. 

I am SOOOO excited for General Conference this weekend!!! It's going to be absolutely amazing. I hope you all enjoy it, and have the best weekend ever! I always love seeing the things you're doing, like hiking to the Y and such, and keep it up! You're the best family. And I'd like to send my greetings also to the foreign exchange student girl at our house! I hope she is loving our family. :)

Love you all!!! Keep on being inspiring!

Mucho Amor,

Elder Clarke

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