Monday, September 9, 2013

Dearest Family!!!

Dearest Family!!!

Ohh, how I have enjoyed thoroughly receiving all of your messages and love today. Thank you, sweet Mother, and Dad for writing great letters! I always print them out and cherish them. And Grandma too, and Steve!! Ahh, man. I love you all so very much. And for today, I´ll be honest I don't have a whole lot of time to write, cuz I was reading all of the lovely messages! Oh and thanks for the awesome pictures of the week, Mom! Elder Warren's the bomb. I am actually emailing with him too, him, Nick, Carter, and Nate, we are all sending an email around with pictures haha. It´s great fun. I love the mission! 

This Well, ok. So last Sunday, was the best experience ever! Jesús, fairly new investigator with a baptismal date, came with us to church, and I got to sit next to him the whole time and explain everything that was going on, share my spiritual insights, and help him get to know other members, caring for him like a shepherd. And I cannot tell you the joy it brought me, and the love of Charity that built up in me from that. I gave him one of my blue ties to wear, cuz he already had another color of blue shirt and pants and wanted to come all guapo (good lookin), and he did! Man was it cool. And he's asking us how he wants to serve a mission...and is already doing lots of activities with the JAS in the church. Well, he was supposed to get baptized next week but there will be stake conference so it would have to be another week, so we planned for last saturday to push it up! Cuz he wanted to receive the Priesthood soon and all. It was inspiring! Anyways.....come Tuesday, we were walking to an appointment, and passed by this house where there are always drunk people out drinking..and Jesús was there with one in hand as well. I cannot tell you of the sorrow that filled my heart, I didn't even know how to respond or act. My companion just asked him, ´´Hey, tonight at 8, right?`` And we walked past, and he said, ``Jesús fell in his baptismal date.`` I couldn't even believe what was happening, and felt so bad in my heart the whole time to that next appointment, that we had failed our purpose as missionaries for not saying something to help him. Well, the people for our appointment weren't there, and I told my companion we have got to go back and help him. He kinda just put all the pressure on me cuz it was my idea, but the Spirit told me I had to. I learned that day that our purpose as missionaries is not only to invite people to come unto Christ to keep the commandments and make sacred covenants, but to HELP them do that as well. We've got to remind them to read, pray, every moment, and literally bring them to the chapel on Sundays. Well, we went back, and I can't tell you of the fear in my heart, but the motive of my love for this child of God to help him in his trials pushed me forward to be bold and go up, facing adversary in the face, and the Spirit helped me say what was needed. Because of that, we got to make an appointment for him later that day at the hour he was really available, and talk to him more about repentance. He's turned around, and is actually doing better to progress for baptism on the 21st. Anyways, I have been learning so much about Repentance lately, and how it is actually one of the greatest gifts we have been given from God. And, just like all other gifts, we have to develop them in order to be of worth to us. Well, I repent myself every day, and the Spirit helps me in everything I need to do His will. I can't tell you of the joy that accompanies me, and the peace in my heart for doing the righteousness He wants for me. In that has also included for me to reprimand my companion a couple times to help him be more obedient, and that is always such a scary experience, especially when he is your trainer. But, I don't want any of you to worry, because I know that the Lord has been right here with me, every step of the way, just like you've all been praying for. I thank you with all of my heart, and send you my love again here from Perú. The best example I have ever seen of a missionary in all of my life, has been my mission president. He is really the most inspiring man I know, and is powerful because of obedience and repentance, and the Spirit given for accomplishing the will of the Lord. He came to a meeting with our zone yesterday as we met with the Stake presidency to improve our work with the wards. 

Anyways, I have no more time, but love you all more than I can express. Have the best week ever!!!


Elder Clarke
Alma 26:22 (he who repents shall know the mysteries of God)

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