Monday, September 16, 2013


Dear Family!!!

I am SOOO happy to hear from you all!!! I got such a touching letter from Grandpa, also from Grandma, and was so happy to see pictures of all your beautiful faces! Thank you for the email last week, Steve, I'll reply soon I promise! And...ok, I´ll be honest, I actually didn't have time last week to read dad's email, but I printed it off and read it, and nothing inspired me more in all my life!!! Thank you so much. I am going to write a letter very soon.

"see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"
OK. SO. This week has been the bomb!!!! We have all worked so hard, and have seen the fruits of Obedience, Diligence, and Repentance, big time!!! Here's the big news. We have 7 con fecha now!! (baptismal date) and four of them are new investigators of this week. I can testify how quickly the mission work can turn around, it's insane!! And the Lord is ALWAYS in it, and blesses us for our efforts. We have baptisms lined up every Saturday starting now until the end of October! And surely more to come, because the members are helping so much with references, helping help them and, yeah. I love this ward here and never ever want to leave!!!! Pamplona, for life. 

Jesús will be baptized this Saturday, and is as strong as ever!! He is so down and planning on serving a mission, comes to church with white shirt and tie, and is always so happy and excited, and has already read the whole first book of Nephi! And continuing. He is my favorite person ever. And he wants me to baptize him! So that will be great to look forward to for next week. 

Also, we have another Jesús with fecha, and, guess what. Super sweet. His aunt is Carmen Huallanca, and his cousin is Omar Huallanca, who was companions with Steve. His mom gave us the reference, and has been with us almost every day teaching Jesús, and he is so excited and loves the gospel! He wants to serve a mission too. Heré's the coolest part. Omar Huallanca gets back from his mission Oct. 24, and Jesús will be baptized the 26, and wants Omar to baptize hinm!! And I am DEFFInitely going to get a picture. So sweet. Steve's gonna be so excited!

Elder Cruz & Elder Clarke
Anyways, Changes are coming this Saturday we're going to find out!!! I have actually come to really love Elder Arancibia, and we have so much fun together!! This week especially. He's good, but I'm excited for a change. Oh, had a good intercambio this week with my district leader, Elder Cruz, also gonna send a foto of him, he's from El Salvador. 

Okay, I'll tell you about the rest later, cuz I´m very short on time, so sorry!! But also we had ANOTHER multi-zona here, kinda weird how many but they are so, so awesome, and we learned a ton about working with the ward. And our vision was elevated!!! I am so excited to keep working even harder with the ward.

"chicken foot" soup
So...I´ll just tell you about it now. So, I was eating this soup...and there was this ...thing in it, usually chunks of meat something like that, and I pick it up to eat it, and guess who it is??? Well, It was a chicken’s foot. Plain and simple. It was the best! Haha, I laughed so hard. I promise, I didn’t eat it. 

sweet Peruvian Saints who are feeding the missionaries!
P-day craziness!
I cannot adequately express the joy that comes into my heart from Repentance. I cannot wait for the day to get back home and share with everybody I know what it really means to me, and also the Holy Ghost. There is nothing in the whole world that means more to me. I have run out of time, and I will talk with you all more later!!

This is Elder Clarke's answer to my question of "what service have you done for your companion this week?"  His answer:

To do service for Elder Arancibia this week? Hmm...I´m not sure. Ha. Sometimes I pay for him on the bus...polish his shoes, make him breakfast, or ...OH!! I always wash the dishes. Every single day, immediately after we finish eating lunch, so that every thing is always clean. That´s the best way to do it, and I wash them in the shower, cuz itss a heck of a lot faster than the sink we have!! Haha. 

WITH ALL THE LOVE I CAN GIVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Clarke

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