Monday, August 26, 2013

Pictures! :)

Mother Dear!! I am so very glad that you loved all the pictures I sent last week and the long email, I´m sorry there´s not as many to send today! But I still love you the same. :) Thank you for the pictures of the week! They are so awesome!! Haha, that made me SO happy the paltas y pan. (avocados and bread). I can´t believe we have so many missionaries from our ward! That is so crazy. 

Elder Bromley & Elder Clarke--Provo MTC Mission Comps!
I've been reading in the Bible about the Savior's ministry and life when He was working with and teaching the 12 Apostoles, especially concerning the part right after His resurrection. I keep learning more and more how frustrating it must have been for Him to have such imperfect companions, those 12 Apostoles! He taught them so, so much, and still after His resurrection, they still didn't really know what to do after, but He always promised them His peace and love, and divine guidance by the Holy Ghost. The characteristics and perfect example of Christ have really been getting me through the trials here in Pamplona. It's amazing the comfort, and strength I receive by 1)Repenting, 2)Receiving the gift of Charity, 3)Power through the Enabling Power of the Atonement as I exert a ton of Faith. Really, it's an incredible experience here, and I am learning to be a more efficient servant of God. Really it is my only desire here, and I give Him my whole heart in prayer. I can't even explain the extent of that desire, and the profound capacity it gives me to love the Peruvian people, and my family, people like you. ;) I'm directing this email to you just because I love you so much, and just want to tell you all of the thoughts and feelings of my heart, mother. My heart is going out to you right now! Thank you so so much for all of your prayers, I can promise you that I have felt them, and I have seen the power of prayer work in E. Arancibia too. Being a missionary helps me see more openly too how imperfect I am, and everybody! 

But there is such great hope, love, joy and comfort in the gospel of Jesus Christ and His great promises to us, and we just have to realize we have to sacrifice a great portion of our faith and will to receive those, and oh.. how beautiful it is when we receive them. I am a witness of His divine help here in Pamplona. I can't even describe how much I love this area!! It is so beautiful. And the members here! It really is a pretty strong ward compared to the other areas, and the people are so willing in every way, we just got to get more coordination and get things done. But I absolutely love talking with and working more with the members. I feel the Spirit and the gift of tongues to help me better talk with them. Also, we put 4 baptismal dates this week! We are doing so much better, and it is all due to the District Meeting we had this week. Pres. Douglas sent a special message to our zone to do a fast all together for repentance, to see a true change in each and every one of us, to improve our areas. It was so hard for me, to try to help our companionship together to carry out the will of Pres., but there was so much help too. Anyway, that was a tough day of faith and giving our all, and then the next day, 3 baptismal dates! So awesome. Sad news though, our baptism this past week fell through. Julianna has been sick, and couldn't have her interview. But, that's sorta good, haha, cuz her only problem was not reading the Book of Mormon as much, and so she has been in bed for days straight just reading the Book of Mormon! So, that is really good. ;) Haha. Anyways, I am feeling the Spirit so strongly in my life, and things are going very well here. Your prayers are answered, and I couldn't love you and thank you enough. I would like to just share a personal thought and feeling. When we submit our will FULLY to the Father's, exactly like the perfect example of Jesus Christ, our burdens are made light, and we don't worry about the world anymore. The confidence and Spirit and strength we receive from that is remarkable, and a Balm of Gilead. Service is a balm of Gilead, which is to say, takes our burdens away, and makes us happy. This means so much to me! And always striving to love through the imperfections and be positive to try to help and uplift all people around me, I feel so blessed and happy. Well, Mother, I guess I'll just have this be the email for everyone cuz it's so stinkin long by now. 

Anyways, we had a special conference with Elder Quentin L. Cook on Saturday! Elder Waddell from the Seventy was there too, and it was so awesome! Really, I learned so much. They both shook all of our hands, everyone in the building! It was pretty great. But, he invoked the most special apostolic blessing upon us all, which a part of it said, that one day, all of my family, friends, future spouses and children, and everyone around me, will one day witness how the service I am doing, and all missionaries do, in the service of the Lord, is really blessing them as well. I can't explain the Spirit I felt, and comfort of my family and,..future family, how what I am doing is blessing all of you. The comfort of the Spirit is absolutely incredible, I can't express. It is such a privilege and blessed opportunity and gift to be able to bear testimony with all of my soul as a missionary and receive spiritual strength from the Lord Himself, and also use that to love other people with all that I am capable of with His help, to all people around me. To you, Mother Dear, the family, the Peruvians, my companions, other missionary friends, everyone. It fills my whole soul with joy! And there couldn't be a better thing to be doing for me right now, than this. I am so so grateful. I hope Steve gets better really soon!! I'm sorry to hear about that. I will pray hard for him too. Oh hey, I saw Elder Bromley at that meeting, too!!! It was a joyful reunion. I sent a picture ;) Anyways, family, and friends, and Mother, I love you all so much. I really hope you are all well in every way!! I pray for you all!! Have the best week ever. ;)

With all the love and concern of my soul,

Elder Clarke

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