Monday, August 5, 2013


Dearest Family, 
I am so pleased to write you this week. But don´t have much time, at all!! I am so sorry, maybe it's cuz of the overabundance of picures. Haha. Anyways, first off, I want to thank Dad for his letter, and say how beautiful it was! His email, I mean, this week and last. Thank you! And, Wow, to Steve, I hope he gets better soon!! Ohh, guess what! I met Elder Huallanca's mother last night, and we had dinner!! It was so awesome, she is a GREAT lady, and taught us all practically all of the plan of salvation and doctrine of Christ! No one knows how she's not a member. Anyway, it was so good to talk with her about her son and Steve!!! I sent a picture. Also, I hope Grandpa is doing a lot better with his leg, and Grandma too!! I will keep praying for all of you, wonderful family. Katie on her first date!!! Hahah, oh my crazy. That's so awesome ;) You're the best Katie!! I can't wait for you to get my birthday card. I couldn't send them last week either though...cuz everything was closed for the Perú independence holiday, it was a good holiday though! Everyone has flags out, it's awesome. 

Okay, so, Mother, I can't remember the names of all the Peruvian food here, but let me tell you, its amazing!!! You can try doing Lomo Saltado for your party thing in the ward!! I hope it goes well. :) And thank you for your email Mom! 

Okay, so this week, has been fantastic!! Elder Arancibia and I have been having much more success, and working better together. I have also been learning how to come to love him more. That's the secret!! I know, that the Lord answers prayers!!! He answers mine, every time I ask, and work hard, with lots of faith. It is such a beautiful thing. Also, a cool scripture to share this week, for good people who are trying hard, like I was last week, is Alma 38. It really brought peace and joy to my soul! Oh, also in Pamplona, looks like we're not gonna have two more missionaries here after all. and...who knows what's gonna happen with changes!! Next week, I'll let you know! I think we'll have p-day Wednesday for that. Anyways...the investigators!! AHh, I have like one minute left. Well, let me just say that they are doing better because we are working a lot more with the members!! I know that is the chosen way for missionary work!! It's a lot more difficult, but also from it comes a lot more joy. And that's usually how you can tell if is from God or not. ;) haha. There are miracles happening here! And I will keep praying for you all as well!!!

I love you. 

Elder Clarke

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