Monday, July 29, 2013

¡¡¡¡Feliz Cumple KATIE!!!!

Dearest Family!!!

First of all, I´d like to congratulate Miss Kaitlyn Clarke on her sweet 16 years!!! Happy Birthday! I love you so much, and hope you absolutely have the best day ever. I have a lot of letters ready to send and haven´t been able to yet, but will be sending them today. I´m excited for you to receive them :) So, what are you going to do today to party? I hope you tell me all about it. :) 
How are the people? Thank you so much for your email, Mother Dear, it always makes me smile and happy inside. And thanks to everyone for sending me letters - it makes my day!! Seriously. I hope and pray you are all well!!!

Sooo guess what, this week we went to the temple!! Man, was it awesome. The spirit was still universally strong in there, and it was a joy to be able to experience that again. I absolutely love the temple. And that day was Elder Arancibia's birthday too!! It was super fun - we all went to a restaurant after as a zone and there was a cake for him, and another Elder too for their birthdays. The zone here is so much fun! I love each one of them, and we have fun on P-days. Haha we all played Monopoly in our apartment and just kinda hung out, and holy cow. Monopoly has never been so intense!!! I was just watching, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I love the Latinos here. They are so funny and loving :) And there is this really sweet store across the street from the temple owned by members that sell really cool souvenirs and stuff, and you better believe I blew a lot of money there!! Haha. I´m so excited to send you all the sweet gifts I got. :) Why is Perú so cool!!
Okay. Also, we will have interviews with the mission president tomorrow. I´m excited to see what the changes will be, and to have two more missionaries in Pamplona! Man, is there a lot of work to do here, almost overwhelming. The work has been a little slow here lately, but I know it is going to go crazy when we get a little more help here in Pamplona. I love all the members here! So kind and willing to help. I will never forget them! We've been able to have more member-present lessons this week, and man is it powerful. I have really come to recognize and appreciate more the sacred function of the Holy Ghost, in this work, and in all things in life in general. It is so special, and the opportunitie
s I have to bear my testimony are priceless. I cherish those moments. We have been working with a Family Sivirich, the parents are Jessica y Juan. They are all members and very inactive except for the mother, and we are having awesome family nights with them, and working to get them married, baptized, and sealed. It is going to be great!! Also another family Ticaflores we found this week, the mother is very inactive, and one daughter is baptized. We´re going to baptize them all and get them to the church every week!! I´m so excited. They are so loving, and willing to follow Jesus Christ. This week we had an intercambio, and I was left to direct the area alone, which was good! Starting to become more comfortable doing everything, and relying on the Holy Spirit. Also, I've been LOVING reading Ephesians this week! And John. Here are my absolute favorite passages, about the law of perfect love, and how it indicates we should always be obedient, and how love surpasses all understanding. Man. K, here they are: John 15:9-17 and Ephesians 3:16-20. I have been pondering hard on Love, and Diligence, and which is more important. Relates to Mercy and Justice. And the more I come to understand love, the pure love of Christ, it solidifies to me by the Holy Ghost that everything I have ever learned is true, and that striving for all diligence really is God´s standard, but Love still overpowers all. Both must exist, but the love came first from God, and always overpowers to motivate and push forward the
vehicle of diligence that GETS us forward. Diligence is like getting us into a higher gear, to get there faster, but we still never get anywhere without love. It´s like the gas in the tank! And the standards of the Gospel, I have come to know for myself they are always what God wants, and to understand at times, or..all the time, we fall short. And that´s okay, because with pure love we can be forgiven, and get back up again when we fall. But we always strive for God´s standards, and obedience and exact righteousness will give us power, and He will reveal more!! Also, I have to bear testimony of the promise in Moroni 7:48, that if we pray and ask for the gift of Charity, God really does give it to us! It is so powerful, and nothing has made me happier. :)

Well, I suppose that´s all for this week, I l¡will have to talk to you all more later! I love you so so so much!!!!! Have the best week ever. :)


Elder Clarke

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