Monday, July 22, 2013

Family!!! OH. I am so filled with joy. I love you all!!!

How is the family, what´s goin on? I heard the two brothers are headin to California with Aunt Krissy!! Hope you all have so much fun! :) Tell Kevin and Steph and all their family how much I love them too!!! Hey, so I am sending birthday cards to Katie and Krissy too, didn't forget! I got to buy them and color them last week, but I am not quite sure when I´ll get the opportunity to send´s a little hard, cuz my companion hasn't really helped me with where to take them, but I´ll figure it out! P-days are always crazy. But hey! Good news, we are going to the temple this Friday!!! I am so excited. So we only have email today, that´s all. It´s gonna be the best!

And yes, Mother, I did get the money from the Grandparents in the package; the people actually did open it though, didn't take anything, but wrote on the note (in spanish, ha at first I was confused, thought the Grandparents took spanish classes or something..) that it is not advised to send american dollars through the postal service, cuz it might get taken. But everything arrived just great, and I loved it! The Nutella?!?! Oh man. Ha :) And the next changes are Aug. 11. Things are going really good here!! And that is so awesome the experience you had at girls camp!! Thank you also for the pictures of Elder Warren :) he sent me a letter last week! Haha, also, parents, the picture I have on my desk of you two (the family pictures), Elder Arancibia looked at it the other day, and told me you look like mission presidents and wife. It touched my heart! And hope it does yours too. :)

Anyways, I have learned so much about Love, and Faith, and the Holy Ghost, and Hope this week. Thank you so much, Dad, for your email to us. It is so true that Satan always tries to get us down, but I know for a fact that a positive-happy attitude and the pure love of Christ can solve all the problems. That has become increasingly harder for me through all of the trials that face me in Perú, but nevertheless they are true principles, and have come to mean so much more to me as I put my faith into my Savior. There is never any progress when there is a negative attitude, or discouragement. There are two things that have really CHANGED me on the mission so far:

The Doctrine of Christ, and Christlike Attributes.

These two things can be applied to our lives. And I have been doing that in the mission life, and nothing has brought me more joy, hope, and peace, and gratitude, and desire to act in faith. I have never felt the Spirit, with all of these feelings, stronger than when I get to pray at night, and repent, and then wake up in the morning with a perfect brightness of faith, every day, to battle the trials that will face me, but battle them with the love of Christ. It is the only way!! This is why every day is the best day ever. 

The good examples that have been in my life, ALWAYS, every moment, are in my mind, and help me to strive to keep living better. Here is a quote from one of them, the famous Elder Anderson, from the Oregon Mission, ¨God never expected us to be perfect; He only commanded it¨. Think about that, in terms of the everlasting perfect love Heavenly Father has for us. 

I love you all!! Have the best week ever!! :)


Elder Clarke 

DC 121:34-46...(something like that) Super Good. :)

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