Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Oh my goodness, my family!!! I love you all SOOO much!!!

Mother Dear. I was SO happy to read your email, and see the picture of you on the scary zipline and Dad with his SWEET new truck!!! Man that was so cool. :) And also, I forgot to thank you for the pictures last week of my good friend Elder Warren! Thank you so much, mamá! You have no idea how much I love you. :)

I am so sorry for the inconsistency and low quality of my ability to send lots of pictures, and good messages with insights and info on the investigators - I promise I try! This is a very stressful hour for me, and I am still getting used to it. :)

Okay, so this has been the best week of my life! Ever. I feel I have failed to tell you all how much I love being here in Perú. Oh my goodness. It is an amazing experience! All the people are so, SO kind, and everything is beautiful in my eyes! The valley, and the hills, are absolutely covered with houses, and all different colors, as far as the eye can see. It´s crazy how many people live in such a small area around here - it makes sense why the population is so big! On the top of one of the hills too is this big statue of Christ, like three houses tall, just overlooking the valley with arms spread wide. Every time I see it I think about how all these people in Peru are His sheep, and I´m more motivated to go out and feed them! :)

Ahh, I have had SO many spiritual experiences, and don´t know if I can tell them all! But this week we had our zone training conference where Pte. Douglas and his assistants came to instruct us, and it was really mision changing for me. I am SO grateful for my mission president - absolutely amazing. Right now, I am working on being very diligent, and learning to love first. It is so important!

Okay, so this past saturday, we had three baptisms! I got to baptize the youngest, Alessandra (8 years old). The others were Yanet, her sister, (15 yrs. old), and the other is not related, but Dayana (22 yrs.). They are each so special!! We are really trying to strengthen the families right now. The familiy of Alessandra and Yanet, which was part member but is now...FUll member! :) and also we have got good references from the family of Dayana. I am convinced that the whole work could be done just from strengthening families and all of their references, and the references´ families. It is profound! And there is much to do. The members are the absolute best!! And it is best to work with them I have realized. 

Right now we are working with an investigator named Jorge, the ex of Dayana, and he has had a lot of problems. We had a lesson with him last night about the word of wisdom and law of chastity, and the Spirit was so strong, oh my goodness. I was so grateful to be able to give my testimony and help him change his life! He is very humble, willing to change, and Awesome with the compromisos! I know he is going to be baptized. :)

I have learned this week the importance of Esperanza. (Hope) This is the attribute of Christ I have been focusing on the most this week. You should all read that section in PMG! It is specifically having great faith and hope in the promises of the Lord, that they will come to pass with our faith and diligence. And there are TOns of promises in the mission work!! So, I have lot to do. I have learned that there is no way to do this mission work without a positive attitude. I have been doing my absolute best to keep that up as high as the clouds!! My testimony is rooted deeply in the principle of Hope, and trusting solely on the promises of the Lord, and looking forward to the day of miracles, and everlasting life. 

A quote that has helped me so much this week in the song ``How Could the Father tell the World?``, is this: ``What does the Father ask of us? What do the scriptures say? Have Faith, Have Hope, Live like His Son, Help others on their way."

Also another thing I do that helps me is read the section The Atonement in Lesson 2 of PMG every day in personal study, and write the good things I have learned. THey are different every day!

I love you all so much!!! And am sorry for my unorganized thoughts, I will talk with all of you more later too!

Thank you for being the best family in the world!!! :)


Elder Clarke

Alma 7:23-25

Also, thank Bishop Wendel for sending great emails every week! 

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