Monday, June 17, 2013


Father!!! Papá. Maannn. I LOVE reading letters from you! Thank you so much!! It is so good to hear how you are doing, how everything back home is going and such. You really are the best Dad in the whole entire world.

HAPPY FATHER´S DAY!!! ¡Feliz Día Papá!

I wanted to write you a good long letter today, cuz you mean so much to me. I have been thinking a lot about you this week, and this morning especially. I am learning more and more how to apply your good fatherly counsels you've always given me, such as obedience, and diligence. It is so key here on the mission. 

This morning, I was cleaning the bathroom. Maaannnnn. This past Friday, Sister Douglas regularly goes around to random apartments to check them on their cleanliness and such, and she came to ours. She said some of the gunk nasty stuff in the walls of the shower, and bathroom and stuff, are dangerous, and I didn't really know before. Here in Peru, cleanliness really isn't important to anyone. Its so hard for me to deal with. Especially all the Latin companions, they don´t see the importance of it. So I come to a decision, what to do? I know what is right, and have been taught to be diligent and obedient in all things. Sometimes it´s hard to do that when nobody else does, to be the only one. I am still breaking out of my shy natural character in doing things alone, being bold of character, and I always remember and think of you. I think about how many times you were the only one cleaning the house, and we didn't understand why, or we complained. Here in Peru, cleaning is literally for my safety, because I think that was a factor of my getting very sick. But I also see how it is a commandment of God to be clean in all things. It is a burden to some people though. People here in Peru care about nothing but loving one another. And I think sometimes...well? That is a good thing, right? And then, I think about the words I have always been taught. God gives us commandments, because he LOVES us. Commandments are for our physical and spiritual safety and protection, and they are because of love. Love, and wanting us to have a better way, and I always think about the better way in the US. And I am learning boldness of character here to show the better way with love. It is hard to do that without harsh reproaching, but I have learned that if I am sincere in all things, really striving to do the right, and not participating in other things, people see that example and want to follow it.
Dad I am so grateful for you, and how you are so diligent, and obedient. You are my perfect example out here on the mission, and you can seriously bet that every single day, I think about you on the mission, and how I can be a better missionary. So when you are cleaning the house, or the yard, all alone, or try to do the right, alone; always remember, I am too, following in your footsteps, but down here in Peru. It is God´s way, and He will be with us. Of that I am sure. I am SO grateful for the Spirit of God, I feel it right now. 

Press Forward Forever!!! ¡Sigue Adelante para Siempre!


Elder Clarke

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