Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!! :)

Elder Bromley & Elder Clarke
Ohhh mann. I am SO happy right now!!! I love my family so much, and am so grateful to write you all a short letter for a week! Anyways, but really it's been the best week ever.
Congratulations to Aunt Monica!!!!! That sounds like SO much fun you all got to go to her graduation party and all! I just want to give her my personal congratulations now. :) And I love you! Also, I'm so thankful for the notes that my family sent me in a letter this last week - they all made me so happy! And Mom, I sent you a little Mother's Day gift in the mail yesterday hoping it would reach you in time before Sunday...but you're not allowed to open it til Sunday! Haha ;) Happy Mother's Day!!!! I am so sorry I don't get to call you, but I hope you just know how much I love you and how you are such an amazing mother. Love you tons. :) Also today, I have been finally able to write back to some letters - so they'll be coming soon! And I am glad to hear you all got to have a fun Family Home Evening service/cleaning night at Grandpa & Grandma's house this past Monday; I am so proud of you family! You are always doing great things. Keep it up ;) Seriously though!!!

Elder Clarke & his District at the Provo Temple
So, I don't have as much time today, but I will explain some questions and share a spiritual thought for the week. So Mom asked about how the investigators at the MTC work. So they are really the teachers of the MTC acting as REAL people. Usually they are real investigators that the returned-missionary teachers taught on their missions, and the circumstances they were in, or just anybody they know who is really investigating the church and stuff. Although the teachers are acting, it is REALLY still a powerful experience, and it's like real - because these are real people in the world that have real needs, and we teach it that way. We are still entitled to the personal revelation to teach these people, and the Spirit can be there so strong. At times, the teachers have actually shared the things they were taught by the missionaries to their real investigators they know, and there have come about baptisms from it before. So it is a wonderful way to be able to practice.

Elder Bromley & Elder Clarke
Also, there was a new district that came into the zone this week and that has been very fun to get to know them and befriend them and such! Everything has been going very well. The mission conference last Sunday was AMAZING, and the musical number went well. It was so fun :) All the talks were on the Doctrine of Christ. It is amazing; the more we come to understand that, the better missionaries we will be. Pres. Nally invited us to look up 2 Ne. 31:2-21, 3 Ne. 11:21-41, 3 Ne. 27:13-22, and Matthew 3:13-17 w/JST. I promise that will be a revelatory experience, as it was promised to me. I can testify! Take time to really ponder the Saving Power of the Atonement.

So, District Meeting last Sunday was amazing. It's what I'd like to talk about today, about DESIRES. I have a "Pregunta del D'ia", or Question of the Day, every day at the bottom of my planner, and I seek an answer through the Spirit throughout the day. The one for Sunday was, "What will we receive due to our faith?" the answer: We will receive whatever we desire most, whether good or bad.

If we desire to accomplish our own will over God's, we will be granted that wish so that we can experience and understand that God knows what's best for us. God is the most loving being...ever!! He allows us to fall, so that we might humble ourselves and come unto Him. We MUST submit to His will, follow HIS Plan, and accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, to be able to become like Him someday. This is the Plan and the Will of the Father - Jesus submitted to it, and accomplished His will by carrying out the Atonement; and because Jesus suffered the Atonement for us it is the gospel of Jesus Christ. God truly wants what is best for us because He loves us so much, and because of this He has provided a Savior and a way for us to make it back to His presence, and receive all that He hath. But we can only do that His way, so we must submit to His will. We must truly desire for ourselves to do His will - and we will be humbled to that decision through much trial and affliction. If we so much as have a desire to become converted to the gospel, He will strengthen us through our faith and action to becoming so - converted to the gospel. He will help us in whatever thing we need. What really helped me understand all of this was the scripture in Alma 29:4. It's amazing. The Plan of Salvation is all about Agency because God is all about love. His Love is Justice. If we desired to do evil, we would be happier in the Telestial kingdom than to rather live in God's presence for eternity with our never-ending guilt. All of His judgments are just, and out of love. I know that this is true!
I love all of you, and hope that you have the best week ever!!

Dad: Your personal note to me touched me so much. I'm going to write you a letter today if I can!

Mom: I LOVE you!!! Have the BEST Mother's Day EVER!

Steve: You are the MAN, and such an amazing example of a good missionary to me.

Katie: You better be careful on the roads, sista! Haha good luck with the license! :) I'm glad you love those headphones - and that new verse of Called to Serve that someone wrote is super cool!

Scotty: I absolutely LOVED the strange picture of smiley faces you wrote on the back of your note. I have it hanging up in my room ;) Good job for being such an awesome Priesthood holder! Love you!

Adam: Thanks so much for the note! I am glad you had a fun Harry Potter party with your friends. Sounds super fun :) Make Gryffendor proud!
Have the Best Day Ever!!!
Elder David Clarke

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