Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dearest, dearest Family Los Clarke!!!
I love you all so much.  How are you doing!!! Hope you had the best Christmas ever. :) I was so thrilled to see you all on Christmas Eve, thank you for talking with me! It was so great. I have the best family ever. 
Super sorry this email is getting to you all really late. This morning we went to the temple, and from there we've just been in the apartment cleaning ALL DAY. I had to turn the place upside down to get it to my standard of cleanliness. :) ha. It was so much fun. I sweat like Dad when I go into super-clean mode. Anyway and my companion's pretty sick so we're just now getting around to do internet, sorry it'll have to be a short letter cuz we're so late. But it's still a fabulous day! Thank you all for writing me, I absolutely loved reading about your fun activities at home! And the pictures of the week! And I am so, so glad you all loved the presents I sent :) Mother Dear, how did you like the Lima Perù Temple shrine thingy I sent? Hope you like it! :) Also, I got Mom, Dad and Grandpa's birthday cards done and will send them asap! Hope all the family has a great break from school and ready to go back ready to do work!
Thank you so much Mother for the wonderful presents you sent and the stockings!!! I did share it all with Elder Valencia and he was super happy. It was a fun Christmas :) I am so super happy with the Sony Walkman too! It is actually really awesome--I`m a fan. I`ve just got to learn how to put music on it and stuff, cuz it`s different than iTunes, but it looks awesome!! However..the music choices that were put on it was an absolute fail. Haha. I was going through it and surprised at some of the stuff that was on there! Here in the mission we`re only allowed to listen to any kind of church hymns - not even EFY is allowed. So...I`m gonna have to revise it a bit. And I am so so sad that the Handel`s: Messiah music was not found! That is unacceptable! I KNOW with all of my soul that it is on the iTunes, and somebody needs to look again. Can you please send with Elder Durfey some CD`s? I need the whole album of Handel`s: Messiah (the actual CD in the case is found on the white book case on the right where there`s tons of CD`s). Also the album of the BYU Men`s Chorus that is on the iTunes (downloaded free off the BYU website), the Vocal Point Album that Krissy bought me, ``Lead Kindly Light``, and the song ``Shine`` by William Joseph. Those ones are key. That`s really kind of it! But I was super happy with the other cool bonuses of the scriptures on recording, the new albums of Marshall McDonald and Paul Cardall, and way more MoTab than I ever remembered! Thank you. I don`t really even know all that`s on there yet...I haven`t had time to look. But really, those three albums are important to me! Handel`s Messiah, BYU Men`s Chorus, and Vocal Point. And as far as anything else, I think I`m good! I`ve got everything I need...if I could I`d send back home half of the stuff I have to simplify my life, but it`s super heavy. My favorite thing about the missionary life is that it`s a simple life. There`s just a few things that are necessary, and the rest is...whatever! Thank you so much, family, for supporting and loving me, and providing my needs. I really am so grateful to you all! 
Elder Clarke with President & Sister Douglas
So this Christmas Eve was way fun, just working..then talking with you lovely family, then we went over to President`s house and had dinner with his family and the office missionaries, had a Christmas program reading Luke 2 and singing Christmas hymns, dessert, watched ``Home Alone`` together! (which brought me a lot of joy) and watched all of the fireworks go off at midnight. It is the COOLEST THING ever!!! Lima is absolutely nuts. It seriously sounded like we were in the middle of a war with gunshots/bombs going off everywhere, like everybody in the HUGE city just puts them all off for like 25 minutes straight! And by the way, President just happens to live on the 23rd floor of a super nice apartment building and we got to see like everything. It was super pretty, all of the fireworks in the sky, and I can`t even reiterate enough how big Lima is. It`s nuts. I think we`re gonna go on top of our roof on our apartment building for New Year`s! But yeah, I didn`t really take any pictures...but I`ll find some to send another day. It was awesome! And Christmas day, we didn`t have to work in the office, so we just went out proselyting and visiting members all day long from 8am-9:30pm! It was really great. The members are suuuper nice, and..well, we`re trying to find more good investigators too. It`s a good ward. :)
Well, I hope I didn`t forget anything, I just want to say again how much I love you! And that this week I was doing some hard-core pondering on Charity. There are so many poor people in this city, just like begging on just about every corner, and it`s really hard to see. But as we share our love and give all of ourselves to other people, we find the joy and the light of Christ. I will talk more about Charity later. Just remember, ``it NEVER fails!!!`` It is never the wrong choice. Ever. 
Love you so much, have the best Christmas break ever!!!
Elder Dave Clarke :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Dear Family!

Elder Clarke & Elder Hartvigsen
I am so happy to hear about Steve and his homecoming, and getting used to the not-mission life! Super funny!! Haha, man, I am just so excited to converse with you all. Skype is happening this week! :) it´s gonna be awesome! I hope you are all having the BEST Christmas Season of your lives!!! Is it still super cold there, with lots of snow? It´s weird...cuz it´s really hot here, but I love it! :) Today we went to the center of Lima where there are some cool tourist sites, and took some pictures! I'm getting used to the city life here! Things are like a hundred percent opposite of what Pamplona was like. Like, a different life. It's sad! But good. As I told you, we live on the 17th floor the very top, and last night we went up to the roof and it's soooo cool! Just have an awesome view of all of the never-ending buildings in Lima, and the thing that scares me sooo much is that there's no railings or anything guarding the edges. You can just walk around up there on top, careful! But it's really cool, my favorite spot now. I'll take a picture next time. Anyways...please get me a recording of Steve's talk if you will, or at least let me know what he talked about! I bet it was the BEST!!! He is such a good speaker, and I highly doubt he's lost his social skills! He's just, become...a lot happier. :) and sometimes it's awkward! How are you hanging in there, Mother Dear, with all the shopping and stuff? I'm excited to see you all and talk more! Hey, also, I wanted to say hi to Uncle Ken and Kevin and Kor, and Aunt Monica and the rest if that's okay! I want you all to know how much I love and pray for you as well!!! :) 

Elder Clarke & Elder Valencia
So, I'll tell you all a little bit more about our area. Our area is called Barranco, in Lima. Go look it up! It's like the coooolest little town. It's like old-fashioned and known for raising up spunky musicians. It's also kinda super sketchy sometimes and dangerous. It's really close to the beach. It takes an hour to get there from the office, and so it makes it kinda hard to work a lot, but we do it anyway every night. It's the Bolognesi ward, and we share it with a companionship of Sisters. We had a baptism two weeks ago, and are having another one next week. It's a super good ward, highly functional! I like it a lot. Things are going well in the office too, finished up transfers this week which all went smoothly, and I've been dealing with all of the sick people well also. We've got a lot on our plate! Super busy every day doing stuff, and I actually like it a lot more, it reminds me of being super busy before the mission as well. It´s a better life to be busy :) I also like it, cuz I'm on the phone with Sister Douglas like at least 20...sometimes 30 minutes a day talking about all the sick people and what to do. It actually reminds me a lot of talking to my own Mother, because they have like the same personality! I also translated for Sister Douglas for the first time in the new missionary training in the office when all the newbies showed up, it was intense! I'll get better. Anyways, things are going well. I also LOVE contacting people in the taxis. We do it at least 3, 4 times a day. So many people!!! Always talking about the gospel, and bearing testimony, and learning to love people. I love being a missionary!!!

Anyways, we found out Elder Durfey's coming back to the mission! Kinda funny, how I'll be picking him up from the airport now, because he´s the one that picked me up! Anyway, I might let you know if there's anything I want him to bring down for me! The cd´s of music?!? That would be so helpful. He´s coming January 3rd. 

OH! Also, we had multi-zones in every area of the mission, with the missionaries, like a Christmas Conference, and it was sooo fun! And spiritually uplifting as well!! Each zone sang (the office elders did a sweet quartet) and we watched an inspirational movie afterwards called, ´´Facing the Giants.´´ It inspired me so much, as I saw examples of the Doctrine of Christ. Also, President spoke about something very interesting. He spoke about how the mission is a time and a place to learn the principles of how to have a successful and unified family. Then, we go out of the mission to make that family happen! It was very touching how he offered the love of him and Sister Douglas, because there are a lot of missionaries in this mission who have never known a loving family environment, and so the mission is such a blessing for them to have that mission ´´family´´ here now, learn the principles, and go make a change in the world. He also talked about how in his life, his family has been his hobby. It´s such an important part of life that I am super excited for. I've still got a lot more to learn though! Anyways, I also felt the Christmas Spirit so strongly, about how we should just give all of ourselves to Christ at Christmasstime. 

I love you all so much, and hope the true meaning of Christmas, and the true purpose of our Savior, Jesus Christ, sink down deeper than ever in your hearts. We´ll see you...Tuesday maybe!


Elder Clarke

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Beloved Family!!

How are you all doing?!??!! Suuuupper crazy to hear about Steve getting back from Panamá!!!!!!!! I hope you are all just taking his head off with your hugs, and enjoying his presence back home. I can't even imagine that, until I saw the pictures. Blew me away! By the way, Elder Clarke was looking super duper good!! Man, hopefully I'll look that good someday! What a sweet tie and backpack!! Man...I love that guy. Steve Clarke. I'm super excited to talk with you all Christmas day! We'll get to do some sweet skype here from the office! 

I can't believe the family showed up early to the airport! What? Man. Just goes to show it must have been me and Steve making you guys late all along. I loved hearing about all the things you've done so far with him since he's got back! I hope you can remember some of the stuff he said in his final testimony, and I want to hear his talk too! Try to record it somehow!! Man. Elder Clarke. Good choice going for the rice and chicken! That's exactly how I'd feel - I feel like there's no other food now. Just chicken. So good. I can't believe the man has forgotten English! That's pretty crazy haha, but kinda cool! I am positive that won't happen to me, since our mission is pretty bi-lingual all the time. I'm actually forgetting my Spanish right now being in the office, cuz I talk to Elder Hartvigsen in English every day! I can't even think now, about what's happened this week. It's been difficult making the change to the new job, that's for sure! But I've learned a TON already. I have learned more than anything how to humble myself further than I ever thought possible, and trust completely in the Lord. If there's one thing that has really, truly impacted me here on the mission, it's Repentance. I can't even begin to explain how much of a blessing it is, how it helps me understand and experience the Atonement of Jesus Christ. That's something I learned waay more in depth this week - The Atonement. Talking in our beds with Elder Hartvigsen late one night really made me ponder deeper than ever. I quote:

´´Elder Clarke, you're gonna have to learn how to find strength from where you simply do not have it.´´  And after a moment of silence...I just replied, ´´and how do you do that?´´  he told me, ´´through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is the source of all power.´´

That was it, then we went to bed. But I didn't fall asleep for awhile...just thinking about how that makes sense. I am certain that we take out power from the Atonement of Jesus Christ as we apply the Doctrine of Christ to our lives. As we exercise more Faith than we ever knew, enough to make a real change and Repentance in our lives, ponder and remember the Covenants we have made to keep the commandments, rely on the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End. 

I believe that this is the only way Jesus Christ took out the power to bring to pass the Eternal Atonement. He was the Only Begotten of the Father, and therefore had certain rights and power endowed upon Him in order to break the bands of death, and make a redemption for men. But I do not believe that the Father just made it all happen through Christ. Just like any other calling, Christ was given power to do it, but it was up to Him. That is where Agency comes in. Jesus Christ had to apply the Doctrine of Christ to Himself, the doctrine that was given Him from the Father, in order to find strength to do the Atonement, strength where He simply did not have it (in the flesh). I know that our Savior was perfect in everything that He did, and He asked us all to follow Him, and apply the Doctrine of Christ. 

For that reason, I LOOOVE to repent. In every single act I do. I feel extra power, and I know there is nothing better in all the world. And, that power, and with faith, we can do HARD THINGS. Christ is our perfect example. I realized today, that when I am stressed and have tons of things to think about and do every moment, and then I take a short break without having to worry about anything, is the time to ponder. That´s when personal revelation comes to me.  I am SO grateful for the Holy Ghost, that helps me in every situation I am in. I feel like what situation we are in, doesn't matter what, is directly proportional with the will of God. The Holy Ghost helps us bring to pass the will of the Father. And we are given power as we Endure to the End.!

I love the gospel, and am completely converted to it. I will testify of Jesus Christ until the day that I die. I love you all, more than I can express, and hope you have the best week ever with returned Elder Clarke, from Panamá!

MUUUCHO amor y cariño,

Elder Clarke (de Perú)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dearest Family!  

How pleased I am to write you all! And how sad I am to not have anything to read...  :( haha, it´s ok don´t worry about it. I know you didn´t know that I´d be changing my P-days to Saturdays now for awhile. I had a big change in the mission!

This past Monday night at 10 o´clock, the AP´s called to tell me about my emergency transfer out of Pamplona. Now I am serving as the personal secretary to President Douglas and also as the health secretary for all the mission. I had no idea it was coming! Especially 2 weeks before transfers, it was sad having to pack all my stuff so fast in the morning and leaving my first area the very next day, but I am very excited for what´s coming up. Lots of opportunities to serve, love, learn, and give up my whole self to the mission in more ways than I will even be expecting. 

First of all, it´s a HUGE difference from Pamplona, a poorer area in the mission, and now I live in one of the richest parts of all of Lima! I´m in San Isidro, where there´s lots of big office and business buildings, banks, hotels, and like 27 embassies from different countries around the world. Huge. And I probably live almost a nicer lifestyle than I did in the U.S.! We live on the top 17th floor of a way nice apartment building, and I have the nicest phone of any missionaries in the mission, with access to just about any information about the mission. It´s super cool! Elder Hartvigsen from Alpine, UT is my companion, he´s from Lone Peak! It´s like the only situation ever where two gringos are allowed to be companions, cuz all the personal secretaries have to be gringo I think - because we talk with President and Sister Douglas on a daily basis and are like the intermediator guy between them and all the missionaries - so yeah, he´s training me and he´s a really good guy, and has been a super good secretary. I´ve learned that I´ve gotta improve a LOT on my Spanish...and also just learning all the things I´ve got to do. It´s one thing to being able to speak Spanish well, and it´s like a third level of being able to speak very good English and very good Spanish at any given time, like a translator. I´ve got to be like professional in everything I do, and it´s actually teaching me and changing me a lot. 

We are also baptizing elders at the same time. We share an area with Sisters in Chorrillos, the ward is the Bolognesi II ward, and it´s actually doing really well. The office elders here have a baptism today, and one next week as well! Which is actually really impressive, because we only get like 2-3 hours TOPS of proselyting time every night after leaving the office...normally like 1-1.5 if we´re lucky. It´s a rough job, we´ve basically just got to fix all of the problems in the mission! The missionaries call their zone leaders, who call the assistants, who call President, who then calls us and says...´´Fix it.´´ Haha. It´s great. I´m excited to push my levels of Obedience, Diligence, Faith, and Patience to the extreme. Now I have so many opportunities, so much responsibility, and I´m the boss of my own time and tasks, and I´m gonna do all I possibly can to be obedient not out of obligation but because it is my quest. I KNOW I can bring miracles to our ward, and still contribute a lot. I am so excited, I am just gonna do my very best. 

Anyways, the investigator that we´re baptizing tonight is named Angela, and she´s super powerful!! She is way converted, and wants to serve a mission! I still don´t really know the ward or area much yet...cuz we´ve had lots of work to do, so I´ll talk more about that later. Opportunities to teach and actually be a missionary now are just like a joyful bliss - brings joy and comfort to my heart. It is sacred. I am studying so hard to become a good teacher, that´s like all I want! I am also working really hard to be a Christ-like person. I have so much to improve!

I actually have a big concern...last monday in Pamplona when I was doing internet...I left my iPod there, and it is lost. It made me so sad you have no idea, cuz that had all of my favorite church music to play throughout the day, and I just...need to sing to be happy! But, it was the iPod Nick Clark gave me,´s not like a super big deal. Just, now I don´t really have music on the mish. :( I wanted to ask Mom about that...if there´s by any chance an extra super old nano iPod that works that I could put some Church music on to listen and sing to? That would just put joy and peace right into my soul. But there´s specific music from our computer at home I want, like Handel´s Messiah, Paul Cardall, BYU Vocal Point cd that Krissy gave me...MoTab, the other Mormon Pianists. I don´t know if also you may be able to burn a cd of music and just send it to me in a tiny package and I could load it here on the computer? I´m not sure what to do actually, I needed Mom´s advice. She always knows what to do. 

Also...yeah, I think that´s it. I am sending like the longest email on earth today because I didn´t really have anything to read...I´m just writing a lot. I hope you enjoy it! Haha. Anyways. I am learning a whole lot about health insurance companies and clinics now, and make the appointments for all of the missionaries! Also, I make sure that all the missionaries get legally in and out of the country with ID cards and visas, and buy the plane tickets for them all, make sweet reports of the mission stats on Excel for President, and just do whatever he wants. It´s really cool. I met the rest of his family that live here, just his son and daughter, who play tennis every day here! Sometime I´m gonna go play with them, I´m pumped. I got a letter from Grandpa and Grandma this morning, and it made me so happy! I love you both so much! And, I hope you know, you are totally free to email me as well, I would love to write you! I already included a handwritten letter to them in the second small package I´m gonna send for Christmas. Haha. I hope I can do that soon. 

Anyways, I hope you are all doing so well, having the best week ever, and gettin' everything super nice and ready for Elder Clarke´s arrival, from Panamá!!!!!!!!!! Soooo pummmpped. That´s awesome. Just give him a huge big ol´ hug for me. 

Love you all so much! Email me!
(here´s my super sweet signature I made to put on all the emails I send now)

Misión Perú Lima Sur
Secretario del Presidente

Monday, December 2, 2013


 Dearest Family,

I want you all to know how much I love you! Also, I could absolutely NOT BELIEVE that picture Mother sent me of the three siblings on Thanksgiving. Could not believe how much they've changed! Look so much...older!! Wow. Really through my mind through a loop...pondering on how old our family is becoming. But, it's a good thing. :) 

Well...I am actually not really sure what to say, spiritually, today. So I think I´ll just bear my testimony about the Doctrine of Christ. Because I've learned that whenever we don't know what to say, just teach the Doctrine of Christ. It's what Pte. Douglas has taught us, in every single multi-zona, and letter, for a long time. And I keep learning and understanding it better each time. It is what will change human nature, and the whole world.

The Doctrine of Christ is explained best in 2 Nefi 31:4, 5, and 7. Answering the question to ´´why´´ Jesus Christ got baptized helps us understand this Doctrine. Why, then, did He get baptized?

About 90% of the members would say, ´´oh, to give us the example!´´ WRONG. Verse 7 answers why. 

Because He is humble, and shows us that He is willing to be obedient in all of the Father´s commandments.

The Doctrine is that we must follow Jesus Christ by keeping ALL of the commandments, of our own will, because we love the Father. And it doesn't have to do just with the commandment of Baptism, the Doctrine of Christ can be applied to any commandment. It is that we use Faith, Repentance, Making and Renewing and Remembering Covenants, the help of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End to be able to keep every commandment.

I love you all so much, and bear this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Clarke

Monday, November 25, 2013

What a great week in the Service of the Lord.

Dearest Family!!!

Wow, what a fantastic day and week. We've been working hard this week!!! Haha, and I am so happy you got the package all safely! That was faster than I thought. And thank you for the fotos! Haha it made me laugh, Katie's face didn't look very convincing like they were good alfajores. Haha, the different tastes of Perú are...different. It's funny, members and people we eat with always ask me, ¨¨What are the foods you eat in your country, or used to eat before?´´ and I always say....I´m not exactly sure...I don´t remember. but I am remembering slowly. last week, tacos, and ... macaroni and cheese?! Last night, yeah. Anyways, maybe you can remind me the typical plates of food over there. Oh, and the letter from Elder Bromley I wasn't able to read! But, I love him so much, what a good guy! We actually see each other quite often. And my suit size...I am not sure. Haha, sorry! But I am actually starting to grow out of my suit..the nice one I took to Perú, little tight in the shoulders now, I´m growing a little bigger because of the push-ups I´m doing I think. I am improving every day being able to do more and more! It´s fun. I am surely going to gain weight on the mission. I´m so excited to see Steve get back!!! Man, you'll spend Christmas with him, so lucky. OH, and I honestly totally forgot about Thanksgiving until you just mentioned it. I don't think I'll be doing anything, cuz it's not a holiday down here, but I will read those scriptures you sent! :) That´s so awesome that Katie went to Preference!!! How fun is that. itranquilo! And, yes I got the package!! It made me super happy! The only thing I saw was the awesome frisbee, the others are wrapped. Thank you so much mother! You're the best. Oh, and other thing I forgot to send you, a member named Nataly Champi bought you a couple SWEET money-coin holders, like a mini peruvian purse as a present for Christmas for you mom, and I´ll send it someday. ha. Thank you so much for the letters, Dad and Steve, man I am going to miss those letters from Steve in how he's doing on the mish. You better write me every week after inspiring me with your wisdom! What an incredible man, that guy, Steve Clarke. He should be getting the birthday card I sent soon! Haha..a week late. Sorry.

Well, we might be baptizing Carolina this week. She fainted in the baptismal font the last time, because of fear and the cold, frigid water that is the only thing available in most the chapels here. But we're gonna do it in a different chapel in San Juan, different stake, that has warm water. We're progressing and doing super good in the work!! 

I would like to tell a little bit about yesterday, a memorable experience with the Bishop. Shoot, only 2 minutes. Well, I am not sure if this program is going on worldwide or just in South America, ¨¨The Work of Salvation¨´, but it is really the most incredible, magnificent and glorious change in missionary work. The members don't understand it in Perú. We are visiting the bishop, helping his family, k and helping him understand it to turn around this ward. We took him to the training video conference yesterday, Incredible act of love from the Lord in bringing to pass this new change in His work. 

Sorrry, ran out of time, I´ll write more next week! I love you all so much have the greatest week ever!!!!!!

MUUUCHo love,

Elder Clarke

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Family!!!

How are you all doing this week!!!!!! I am having the best week ever and am so excited to email you all. My heart was filled with joy to read letters from Steve, Katie, Father and Mother! Thank you all so much, for inspiring me. I love my whole family!!!

What an incredible experience we had with Elder Russell M. Nelson this week! Wow. Him, his wife, Elder Rasband of the Presidency of the Seventy...and 3 or 4 other seventies and their wives. Turns out Elder Nelson actually invited US to this conference! Wow, just our mission, the people who are in Lima, not in the south., a  bit more than half, not that many people, it was quite the privilege! He shook all of our hands, Just such pure people, it was incredible and amazing to just watch and observe him so up close. Also, he is so old! A LOT older than he seems when you see him on Conference...but, he´s awesome. 

The first chapel of the very first stake of  the church organized in Lima, Peru.
Also where Elder Clarke went to hear Elder Nelson speak this week.
President Douglas conducted the conference, and was like a proud father of our mission, it made me cry just seeing him. Elder Nelson gave a talk this April about Subir a la Ola, which means..Rise with the Wave..I think, in terms of missionary work. And that has been our motto of the mission this whole time and always talks about that to us in specific things to change and improve to Rise with the Wave, and in the meeting he reported to Elder Nelson, an apostle, that the Perú Lima South mission is rising to the wave, and that we are ready to see REAL GROWTH in this mission. It just makes me cry right now even thinking of that because of how inspiring it is. I have learned a lot about faith in my mission, and returning and reporting, like Dad always taught me. The Lord commands something, you learn your duty (about the commandment), you make plans and goals with a spirit of prayer and share those with the Lord and really commit yourself to it, then you act boldly in carrying out those plans with faith asking the help of the Lord in every act, you give your ALL being guided by the spirit and a spirit of love in all you do, and then you return and report to the Lord in prayer and see the results. Then, adjust your plans, make realistic goals which are acts of faith, and go get things done. The work and the way of the Lord inspires me like nothing else in my whole life, and it is changing me. It is changing the person I am and will be for the rest of my life, to be a true servant of the Lord bringing to pass His will in all things. Nothing fills my soul with more joy than to bring about the will of the Father, just like our Savior did in all things. 

Elder Nelson spoke about how the Lord always takes the unlikely, and works miracles with that according to the faith of the children of men. It was so inspiring to hear stories he told of his ministry in accomplishing the unlikely, and miracles. Faith is growing to be a part of my very person, always repenting and striving for perfection, and remembering our covenants and the importance of the Spirit, and loving people above all, in the acts that we do. I have such a strong testimony, and know that this is the work of the Lord. 

We had a baptism this past saturday that...failed. That is an interesting story for another week. Let´s just say that in the end the investigator passed out in the baptismal font and we´ll have to try another day. 

I love you all so much, and hope you have the best week ever!!!


Elder Clarke

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dear Family!

I am so happy and excited to write to you all!! I am going to write extra long, suggested by Mom. Hehe. I laughed really hard when you said you can tell what kind of a mood I´m in when I write. It´s so true though. Mother, I can assure you that I haven´t been sick in a while, and to not worry, because it´s not a big deal anymore. I just take one pill and suero oral and its over in 2 days. Please don´t worry! Just pray for my investigators, even harder. And all of the faithful members in this ward, that they press forward.

Elder Clarke & Elder Savino
Well, I sent off a Christmas package to you all today! It is the bomb. Haha. I´m sending it through the office, and Elder Harvingson is going to give it to that one lady that travels for work, to Utah, and will take it I think. It´s the lady who was recommended by Elder Durfey, and also Elder Harvingston. He lives in Alpine. Anyways, Mother, please! Ha. Don´t make the office Elders wrap the package, that´s just..a little too much. I ´promise I´ll wrap it up nicely and make it look good, and ready for Christmas! Haha. I am super excited. 

Today, we had a choir practice with a few zones in the mission!!!! It was so much fun, ohhhh man. And reminded me of chamber choir. I love singing. We´re doing an awesome musical number of ´´Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing´´, because this Saturday Elder Russell M. Nelson comes to town!! To speak just with our mission. I am so pumped, and so is Pte. Douglas! I hope you all know, just sayin', that our mission really just dominates. In terms of effective missionary work, and just...domination, Perú Lima Sur is the best. And a big part of it goes to Pres. Douglas, he´s just amazing! I am super excited to see what Elder Nelson has in mind for us when he comes. It´s going to be a fabulous experience.

This week, I had my first intercambio with another gringo! Elder Dahle, from Idaho. different my mission would be if gringos were companions together. We were together for just one day, and it was super different! I am losing my english. We had to practice, doing our daily prayers together, in english...and it was just embarrassing. Can't do them as powerfully as they are in spanish. It was really funny the spanglish conversations we were having. But he also helped me a lot too, and we put 3 fecha bautismales this week! And inspired me to be better. This area has so many people who are just ready to be baptized! Just gotta work super hard and help them prepare. The work is incredible here. I did another voice recording last night and talked a lot more in detail, and I´ll send it today so you can be better informed. But I am learning so much here, changing, and giving my all. 

Yesterday was the birthday of my companion, Elder Savino!! It was such a memorable day that I will never forget in all of my life. The love that I saw was incomparable. I cannot even believe it. If people from the U.S. even saw how simple, sincere and humble these people are in their acts of service and love...they´d just laugh - cuz you just cant even believe it. I still do, sometimes, little giggles to myself, but then I repent and try to be more meek and humble, and Christ-like. It's just an absolutely different world, with love that is sincere and humble above anything, and I'll never forget it. 
Elder Savino's 22nd Birthday Party!
The Young Single Adults of the ward threw a surprise birthday party for him, and also the Bishop's family did a surprise lunch-cake for him, and also a party with our Peruvian family where our room is. Words can't explain, the example of my companion, Elder Savino. He turned 22 years old!!! He is so so so meek, humble, and kind like I've never seen before, like a child. Seriously reminds me of Alex and Colton, from House 19. I have really been learning something about those Christ-like attributes, in Moroni 7:43, being meek and humble of heart. I know that those people, are the ones that will be saved at the last day. It´s an attribute that will never leave my heart, and I will ever be developing it more and more throughout my whole life. I pray every day that in the future I might have a child with autism or a Alex or that I will always have the opportunity to demonstrate Christ-like charity. Nothing means more to me- not any other thing in the world. What a sacred and precious opportunity I'm having right now in the mission. 

Anyways, I hope everybody has felt the love of God this week, and that it has inspired them to make a change in their life to grow closer to Him, through repentance. I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that it is true, and that it changes lives. And I also know that this work, missionary work, is the work of our Savior, and that He has a lot more love for us than anybody could even imagine, and that in the last day none of us will be able to believe how much He truly loves each one of us. 

I hope you have the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take time to love one another, and take care of each other this week.


Elder Clarke

Monday, November 4, 2013

Best Week Ever

My Dear Family!!!

How happy I am today. What a week. Best week ever! 

So, I stay another change, no changes. I´ll be here for 6 and a half months, in this my place of birth, Pamplona alta! At first it was a little hard, but I am actually so so so grateful for it. I knew before I even heard that I wouldn't be changed. I know that the Lord has a work here especially for ME to do, and it is so inspiring and spiritual to ponder in that - why does the Lord need ME here? And I have found many answers. I will tell more stories later when I have more time. 

Elder Huallanca--Steve's former mission companion
in Panama who just returned home to Lima
Elder Savino is doing great, growing and learning lots. I am excited to finish his training! I have really grown to love him, and every opportunity in my mission thus far is such a blessing. I absolutely love Pamplona with all my heart, and never want to leave! We're working a lot better with the ward, leader missional and the Bishop, who accompanied us to visit less actives and we had a meeting with him. He commented, ¨¨I feel a strong desire to participate in the work.¨ and we´re helping him raise the vision for the ward. He said he wants to grow to 200 assistence in the church! That is pretty crazy, down here in Latino wards, but it´s possible. We are visiting so many inactives to reactivate them, according to the will of President, and we are finding the prepared people for baptism. I´m so excited. Also, a new focus in our mission is ´´rescued´´ members, a new key indicator that we report every week. We´re doing well with that! Love it. Also, María is as strong as ever! Invited us to lunch and dinner yesterday, and she is such a strong convert. Definitely my fave, and her family.

I met Elder Huallanca on Saturday!! He´s the bomb, so cool. And his mom is so stinkin' kind, and loves to give us food. I´ll have to tell you about that later, haha. The peruvians here love to feed us, like so much that...its a burden. Saturday before fasting we ate two whole meals for breakfast, and two whole lunches with soup, a plate, and dessert. Man, I can put down so much food now, it is a real talent. Haha. All to please the members here, and let them know I appreciate their kindness.

I am repenting every day, and changing habits to become an even better missionary. I love you all so much, and want you all to sincerely know that. I will be sending a few voice recordings, so you can hear from my voice that I love you all! I am sorry I haven´t sent letters to you all in a while, and grandparents too, but today I´m preparing a package to send this Wednesday for Christmas, so it comes on time, and early so it can have some time under the tree when it arrives. You have to wrap it for me, mother dear! Haha, please and thank you. I am so excited for you all to get it! And, I´m also writing lots of letters to members, less actives, and other friends on missions, along with family members, and Steve!!! His birthday! Man. I love him so much, such an inspiring example. I think of him on the daily. Let him know that I don´t want to really harm him by punching him in the throat, it´s just a funny phrase. Haha. 

Family, you are the best. I love you all! Hope you all had such a good Halloween! I love to hear from you. 

I hope you have the best week ever!!!

MuuuUUUuuucho amor,

Elder Clarke

Monday, October 28, 2013

Maria's Baptism!

Dear Family!!!

I love you all so much!! I cannot express the joy in my heart, and the peace that is with me because of the word of God. 

Last week in the interview with the President, as he was thinking of something of which to inspire me to a higher level, asked me...Elder Clarke, do you like to memorize? 

I told him I did. Piano strokes...for all my classes...singing songs...and, scriptures.

He told me that if one can learn to master his thoughts, he can control his destiny. 

I have been treasuring up the word of God in my heart more than ever before. Already memorized 2 Ne. 31, now almost finishing Moroni 7, and other parts in the Book of Mormon. I can tell you that meditating, and pondering the word in those scriptures have helped me receive a new higher understanding of what it really means. 

Two Sundays ago President Douglas spoke in a meeting in our stake, and I picked up on him quoting little parts of scriptures here and there, but in a different way, in his own personal manner. I then understood that we treasure up the word, and make it our own, and put it into practice in our own teaching after we´ve applied it to ourselves, and the Spirit testifies stronger than ever. This has become precious for me, and I am doing it as well, to become an effective teacher of the Spirit, as it has been a goal of mine. 

Sorry I couldn´t write more, I love you all!!! I am so excited for Steve, and all the things you´ve written. You´re the best family ever, and I´m doing great here in Pamplona. Best baptism ever last saturday! Oh, and I might be changed this week. Changes are on friday, we´ll know wednesday. 

The only request I have is to send more ties, because I´ve given away a mighty good portion, and am running out.

Love you all!!!!

Elder Clarke

Monday, October 21, 2013


Ohhhh my goodness!! I cannot express the joy in my soul for these people right here. This is a picture of Hna. Felicita Llontop, mi peruana mamita!! She´s our pensionista, and does our laundry too. She´s basically like my mother here! She´s the one with her grandson, in the black shirt. I cannot express how good she cooks! Like...professional, it´s incredible Peruvian food, I´m sorry! But, yeah. And the other, of the two old grandparents, haha, are like my peruvian grandparents. abuelita y abuelito. They are the owners of the house, and we just rent one room, and they live on the floor above us. And are so loving and kind, always inviting us for dinner, lunch, or just randomly come down to give us hot drinks (like...juice..? i don´t know how to describe it, but good. nothing breaking the word of wisdom.), bread, and armfuls of fruit!! Haha, they are so fun to talk to, love to laugh, and so so kind. Seriously, my heart goes out to these Peruvian people. And another of a different service project, painting! so fun.

Oh, and you said how there are people looking you up on facebook! Haha, that´s cuz I tell them to go find you on facebook. If they do find you, it´s cuz I asked them to, so don´t be afraid. Just love them, they are my favortite people and love them!!! If one day, María Huaman looks you up, just know that she is my favorite investigator of all-time. She´s gonna be baptized this saturday!!  Oh, and Jesús, the cousin of Elder Huallanca, is really excited and doing well with the discussions and stuff...but still can´t be baptized because he can´t change his work schedule to get off sundays to be able to go to church, but we´re still working with him. He´s the bomb! He wants to be a missionary too someday. 

Anyways, thank you so much for emailing!!! I am truly sorry sometimes, when I don´t email anything very interesting or exciting, and I realize that. But just know I am doing great, and I love you alll so much, and trying hard with all that´s going on down here! It´s hard at times, but so so good. I am seriously going to cry when I leave Pamplona! I love this area, cuz I know it so well know after being here so long..know so many people. And at times the ward is frustrating...but overall, they are really pretty dang good compared to other places, and I am positive that my next area is going to be a heck of a lot harder and I´m gonna realize a ton of the blessings that I have had here. But..who knows? What can be done. We just try our best, with our faith, and move forward. And that´s what I´m doing! Anyways, I love you mom, thanks for all the updates. Have a great time at Jason´s wedding!! That´s awesome, I really hope it goes well. He´s a good guy. And congrats on passing your test, and having such great hopes and desires to work and serve in your profession! You´re such a great example to me. And I thank you for all of your love, mother dear. There is nothing like the love of a mother, and it´s something I´ll seriously just never be able to understand. The members that live below us have a son out on a mission, and we eat with them sometimes and converse and all, and seeing the love that sister has for her son is inspiring, and how she hopes the members are taking good care of him wherever he is in Guatemala, and so they take super good care of us here. Seriously! They helped me recover from my illness this week! Saturday and Sunday, and they brought hot drinks up to me, and really soothed my stomach. Have no fear, I´ve got the sickness thing down to a science now! I recovered in two days flat. Man. You just take a few infection pills, and a suero oral (which is like a gatorade on drugs). Anyways, holy cow!"!! I can´t believe I don´t have time to write the family I am so so sorry!!! It goes so fast here, chicana. I love you all so much! I will write more next week, promise. 


Elder Clarke

Monday, October 14, 2013


Dearest Family!!!

I have exactly 7 minutes left, and am going to write you all the best letter ever!! Well..I´ll try. :)

To start off, I have never been so happy in all my life as I have been this week. Every single day I've been singing...and feeling the sacred companionship of the Holy Ghost, because we have been focusing on the needs of our investigators a lot more, in a great expression of love, patience, and diligence. I love experiencing the gift of Charity!! Elder Orellana, our district leader (our district is our companionship and his...4 elders) nos quemó in district meeting!!! Haha, like...he burned us. He grilled us, to help us improve our key indicators, and I absolutely loved every minute of it, because it was all with the Spirit! We've been more obedient this week, working more with the members, and had great numbers! Starting to improve a lot more. 

I am so so excited for the baptism of María!!! She is the mother of a recent convert, and is the most prepared of anyone I've seen! Well, because she has been an investigator ever since I arrived to this area. Haha, but, I am excited. Also, had such a tender experience with Jesús!!! The recent convert that I baptized three weeks ago? Well, he accompanied us all day Friday to our appointments and such, and helped bear testimony in finding situations with new investigators, and I have never felt stronger testimony in all my life!!! Such a powerful experience, and he's gonna be 10 times better missionary than I could ever be. Anyways, I am just so happy, and sorry I don't have a lot of time to write!

Mom, Dad, allll of the family, I love you all so so much and thank you for writing me your letters! I received about a million dear elders from mom last week, and absolutely loved the email dad sent as well about Marion G. Romney this week!

Anyways, I love you all so much and will write more next week! OOhh, PS, interviews with Pte. Douglas tomorrow!!! SOOO pumped. :)


Elder Clarke

P.S. sorry, I´ll send pictures next week!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Dear Mother Dear!!
Mom, I am so excited to write to you today and so grateful for what you all sent!!  But I want you to know how much I sincerely love you, and pray every day for your well being. I can´t express my gratitude for you for loving and caring about me so much - it´s something that I cannot really understand fully. I am trying to become more like you here on the mission, to love and care more sincerely towards my companion, and investigators.
I'm not even going to lie; it is a struggle every single day.  But something I have learned is the power of the Doctrine of Christ; and how it literally changes human nature, and inspires people to ACT, and repent. All the talks during conference are based around the Doctrine of Christ, and I am always so touched by the personal testimonies and witnesses of the reality of Jesus Christ for every apostle! And Pres. Monson was absolutely incredible. Wow. The Priesthood Session was absolutely most incredible for me, because I got to watch it in English!!! There was another gringo Elder, and we both got to go on a little split to see the conference in our native language, and maaannn it is sooo much more powerful than listening to it in Spanish - my mind kind of zones out a lot easier when everything´s spanish. Haha. But I am really so so grateful for the conference, it was awesome! And we got lots of investigators there! Also, I had an intercambio with Elder Orellana, an elder who's about to finish his mission in this area, and he taught me a whole lot about how to do stuff better. MAN, have I got a long way to go. So much to improve, in this area, and personally. It´s just like the talk Elder Eyring gave in the Priesthood Session, with the story of the Good Samaritan, he said this is really just a story of an overwhelmed Priesthood holder who's got too many responsabilities. And that as we show true love and compassion for the people around us, that is what will connect the Spirit into our lives to be able to fulfill the will of the Father. I need to tap into that spiritual power every single day, and do that by truly loving sincerley, and studying the doctrine of Christ every day, always inspiring everyone around me and doing my job as a missionary, to invite to come to Christ. And if people don't always receive it, it's ok-because we fulfilled the will of God. Pres. Douglas once said, Nephi never converted his wicked brethren, through all their difficult trials in the desert, but he did bear solid testimony, and putting forth all of his effort in obeying and exhorting his brethren to obey as well, he did fulfill the will of the Father. 
We will be having interviews with Pres. this month, and yes I'll try to get a picture and send it to you! Sorry, we haven't been taking a lot of pictures recently! Here's a couple too. Oh, also, my companion lost about half of all the money he took out for the month, like two hundred fifty soles, and I'm not sure if we're gonna have enough money, so I might take out some from my credit card if it works, I sure hope so! This is really, a poor part of Perú, it's kinda sad to see, but it's alright. 
Mother Dear! I am so so so happy to hear about your missionary experience!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea the joy it brings into my heart! You are so incredible, and all of the family, AMAZING examples, and I love you all so much. I know that will be a blessing untold someday in her life, and she will always remember the Clarke´s. I´m so glad to hear the whole family's doing well. Just teach ém repentance and the doctrine of Christ!!! Oh, what was your favorite quote, part, or talk in conference? :)
I am helping Elder Savino a lot. Teaching him how to use email, what to do on email, got his family´s addresses, took pictures and helped him send them, also to even log in...and to read Pres. Douglas's to do the dishes. I have to instruct and teach and...yeah, I'm learning to become an effective teacher, trainer, and someday father. I have a whole long way to go though.
I was sooo happy to read about Steve and see his pictures!!! Ohhh my goodness, he inspires me beyond words. I cannot even explain my love for him as well. He's the best missionary I've ever known, and will be an incredible strength when he gets back home, you're all so lucky!!  Also, thank you for the photos of my friends too! And, I sure will wear my tie on the 8th (I always remember).
Goodbye, Mother! I hope you have the absolutely best day ever!!! And week ever. Tell Dad how much I love and appreciate him as well, and the whole family. Scotty: You stud!!! Keep up the good work, and focusing on spiritual things of the gospel! Katie: you too!! You´re so awesome and never stop loving people. :) Adam¨: Happy Birthday!!!!! Keep serving Mom and Dad around the house in everything you do!!! I love you Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Kor, Aunt Krissy, Uncle Ken and Aunt Monica, little Kenny and Charlie, and everybody else!!!!
Elder David Clarke

Monday, September 30, 2013


Dearest Family!!!

How my heart is filled with joy to be able to talk with you all. I love you so much! And am having the best day ever, down here, in Perú. 

You´ll all have to forgive me; I am really awkward with words these days, in my English, and can't speak very well. But I hope you are able to feel a little bit of joy and Spirit reading my letter. Soon I am going to send another voice recording (after a lot of practicing speaking...) so you can hear me speak!! :) haha. ahh, family.

Mother, Dear! I received a big letter from you this week, and wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! It really uplifted me and encouraged me spiritually. You're the best mom ever! Thanks, family, for always supporting me and encouraging me spiritually. It really makes a difference, let me tell ya. 

This week.....I'm not really even sure what to say. I'm givin it my all, down here! We put more baptismal dates, a few new investigators, trying to work with the ward, invited EVERYONE to church this week, with daily contact to remind them and encourage them...and still, the people didn't come to church. Only one. I'm to a point that I'm not exactly sure what more to do...after assigning members to bring them and everything...idk. I've been reading the words of Nefi this week, and they inspire me incredibly. In chapter 17 and 18, he is an incredible example. Even though he has difficult companions, Laman and Lemuel who are always trying to get him down, he bears his testimony so strongly, and works even harder. Where is all this spiritual power coming from? He is incredible. And even though he doesn't know how to build a ship, he goes up to the mountain often to ask God how, and he fulfills the will of the Father. Anyways, I can't explain everything that I've learned, but he's such a good example for me! The scriptures give me such spiritual strength, it's incredible! Every morning I have to tap into that spiritual source to reflect the light of Christ and the hope of the gospel to everybody here in Pamplona, to always encourage and inspire. 

I am SOOOO excited for General Conference this weekend!!! It's going to be absolutely amazing. I hope you all enjoy it, and have the best weekend ever! I always love seeing the things you're doing, like hiking to the Y and such, and keep it up! You're the best family. And I'd like to send my greetings also to the foreign exchange student girl at our house! I hope she is loving our family. :)

Love you all!!! Keep on being inspiring!

Mucho Amor,

Elder Clarke

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hello, Family!

How lovely it is to hear from you all!! How incredible you are, and what great examples. I love always hearing about all the great things you're all doing, keep it up! Send my greetings to the new girl from Germany who's staying with us now, what a great opportunity!! Parents, you're so amazing, right when me and Steve get out, you never stop working hard to serve and help other people, in your callings, and people from Germany?! So sweet. I love you so much. Thank you for the uplifting and inspiring emails! And STEVE!!! Oh my goodness. I love you so much, and good luck on those last two months. Make every single day count, with lots of goals and focuses every day! You're my biggest example ever and I love you. Return with Honor.

Elder Savino & Elder Clarke
So, we had changes this week! Elder Arancibia se fue a Chorrillos! And I am now training! Elder Savino, is my new companion, and he has such a humble and kind, giving heart, it really is motivational to witness. I am helping him right now becoming to be an obedient and effective missionary, and it is a sacred responsibility. My testimony and strength has grown so much here on the mission. 

Jesús se bautizó last saturday!! It was beautiful, and I love him to death. Lots of great investigators that are getting ready for baptism, and more on the way! Doing great work here in Pamplona! 

Elder Clarke & Jesus' baptism
I am very excited to train, but definitely qualify to receive a lot of heavenly help from above. I am still learning, and don't know how to do quite everything, but here is my plan, brothers and sisters, and can be a plan of all of us.  1) Be exactly obedient in all that I already know how to do (which will fill most of my time), setting goals to reach that point. 2) When I don't know what to do, or need additional strength and motivation, I'm gonna ask the Lord in great prayer, and go and work hard with lots of faith, and it will be given me what I ask for. 3) The Spirit will enable me to do all things I need to here in Pamplona. 

The mission is really breaking down my mind and will in to simple things according to the holy principles of the Gospel, and will grow into great accomplishments pretty soon.

Love you so much family!!! I will write more later.


Elder Clarke

Monday, September 16, 2013


Dear Family!!!

I am SOOO happy to hear from you all!!! I got such a touching letter from Grandpa, also from Grandma, and was so happy to see pictures of all your beautiful faces! Thank you for the email last week, Steve, I'll reply soon I promise! And...ok, I´ll be honest, I actually didn't have time last week to read dad's email, but I printed it off and read it, and nothing inspired me more in all my life!!! Thank you so much. I am going to write a letter very soon.

"see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"
OK. SO. This week has been the bomb!!!! We have all worked so hard, and have seen the fruits of Obedience, Diligence, and Repentance, big time!!! Here's the big news. We have 7 con fecha now!! (baptismal date) and four of them are new investigators of this week. I can testify how quickly the mission work can turn around, it's insane!! And the Lord is ALWAYS in it, and blesses us for our efforts. We have baptisms lined up every Saturday starting now until the end of October! And surely more to come, because the members are helping so much with references, helping help them and, yeah. I love this ward here and never ever want to leave!!!! Pamplona, for life. 

Jesús will be baptized this Saturday, and is as strong as ever!! He is so down and planning on serving a mission, comes to church with white shirt and tie, and is always so happy and excited, and has already read the whole first book of Nephi! And continuing. He is my favorite person ever. And he wants me to baptize him! So that will be great to look forward to for next week. 

Also, we have another Jesús with fecha, and, guess what. Super sweet. His aunt is Carmen Huallanca, and his cousin is Omar Huallanca, who was companions with Steve. His mom gave us the reference, and has been with us almost every day teaching Jesús, and he is so excited and loves the gospel! He wants to serve a mission too. Heré's the coolest part. Omar Huallanca gets back from his mission Oct. 24, and Jesús will be baptized the 26, and wants Omar to baptize hinm!! And I am DEFFInitely going to get a picture. So sweet. Steve's gonna be so excited!

Elder Cruz & Elder Clarke
Anyways, Changes are coming this Saturday we're going to find out!!! I have actually come to really love Elder Arancibia, and we have so much fun together!! This week especially. He's good, but I'm excited for a change. Oh, had a good intercambio this week with my district leader, Elder Cruz, also gonna send a foto of him, he's from El Salvador. 

Okay, I'll tell you about the rest later, cuz I´m very short on time, so sorry!! But also we had ANOTHER multi-zona here, kinda weird how many but they are so, so awesome, and we learned a ton about working with the ward. And our vision was elevated!!! I am so excited to keep working even harder with the ward.

"chicken foot" soup
So...I´ll just tell you about it now. So, I was eating this soup...and there was this ...thing in it, usually chunks of meat something like that, and I pick it up to eat it, and guess who it is??? Well, It was a chicken’s foot. Plain and simple. It was the best! Haha, I laughed so hard. I promise, I didn’t eat it. 

sweet Peruvian Saints who are feeding the missionaries!
P-day craziness!
I cannot adequately express the joy that comes into my heart from Repentance. I cannot wait for the day to get back home and share with everybody I know what it really means to me, and also the Holy Ghost. There is nothing in the whole world that means more to me. I have run out of time, and I will talk with you all more later!!

This is Elder Clarke's answer to my question of "what service have you done for your companion this week?"  His answer:

To do service for Elder Arancibia this week? Hmm...I´m not sure. Ha. Sometimes I pay for him on the bus...polish his shoes, make him breakfast, or ...OH!! I always wash the dishes. Every single day, immediately after we finish eating lunch, so that every thing is always clean. That´s the best way to do it, and I wash them in the shower, cuz itss a heck of a lot faster than the sink we have!! Haha. 

WITH ALL THE LOVE I CAN GIVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Clarke